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  1. Sorry for my absence... Part 3. Wittebergen. At this point it became clear the enemy would not lay down their arms for the “mere proclamation" that the British have annexed the Orange Free State into the Orange River Colony. After being constantly pursued by General Leslie Rundle's 8th and Colonial Divisions, the Free State's President, Martinius Steyn, along with his government-in-exile, his generals and commandoes (representing the majority of Boer forces in the Free State) regrouped and concentrated in the Brandwater Basin – a valley surrounded by the Witteberg and Rood
  2. From wikipedia: The medal is awarded for twenty aggregate years of service and good conduct in the National Crime Agency, including previous service in HM Revenue and Customsand the NCA's precursor agencies, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, National Criminal Intelligence Service and National Crime Squad.[3] Cheers
  3. Sorry this will have to roll out slowly, not much free time these days. The majority of information is gleaned from Whitton's History of the Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Gale & Polden Ltd, 1924 ), and the quotes are those of Frederick Ernest Whitton. Part 2: A Taste of War After war was declared in South Africa, the Leinsters monitored the unfolding events with much hand-wringing. Confusing and contradictory orders came and went and the weeks and months dragged on. Denison's frustration increased upon reading aout his uncle, Major Septimus
  4. I imagine he was a bit of a black sheep to begin with, havent found any explanation as to why he lefy and joined the british army as a ranker... Thanks Noor I splurged and did the same - used the copying service from National Archives UK and received his Service File a little while back. Please keep everyone in suspense if you will. Cheers all
  5. For some reason this read in the voice of John Cleese during the Sex Education scene of The Meaning of Life. Well done.
  6. I am happy to say I am the new steward of these medals, thanks to fellow GMIC user Noor. I have done much research in the past couple of months and have learned some interesting information which I will post here as time allows. While the Denison family is well documented and celebrated - the search was difficult as Oliver Macklem Denison is not mentioned in any literature on the family that I could see. When digging deeper there were bits and pieces of information regarding him in newspaper clippings and archival holdings, yet after 1904, he all but disappears and newspaper articles go
  7. Thankfully you used a truated dealer as the Air Crew Europe Star is one of the most faked medals out there.
  8. Hi Paul, For what it's worth, your post reminded me of an image of the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in Toronto in 1914. Here is a link to the photo (held by Library and Archives Canada): You will notice most of the enlisted men are without any capbadges on their service caps. Cheers Matt
  9. Poor man suffered the old police curse dying right after retirement. Upper Tooting. Only the English would come up with such a place...
  10. Love the thread idea. Excellent start. I hope to contribute stories when time allows...
  11. Excellent post Peter. Well researched and nicely written. Hosting a POW in your home must have been interesting... Cheers
  12. The plot thickens... And my 2 cents here: from what I understand starting in the spring of 1918 unit commanders were no longer required to forward a detailed recommendation for the MM, just the soldiers name they wished to reward, and in my experience I've had no luck finding written recommendations for MM's awarded after that time.
  13. The text translates to Machine Gun (Model 1907) Section. During the First World War the Italians used St Etienne machineguns acquired from the French in addition to the more widely used Fiat machineguns.
  14. Another great blog post from Brian and the sports bit had me dying.
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