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  1. Complete shot in the dark here... Could he have possibly been attached to Sikorski's Army in 39-40? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Army_in_France_(1939–40)
  2. Stunning! Simply stunning! Congratulations! Looks awesome!
  3. Nice. But didn't most European countries have darn near exactly that model helmet at some time or another?
  4. The fourragères 14-18 and 39-45 are identical, and yes, that is a good one.
  5. Award ceremony for the Medal "For the Demining of Palmyra".
  6. On a personal (humorous) note, I think western intelligence agencies should recall all spies from Russia and open a mint near Moscow to produce medals. They'd get their orders in most probably days before the field commanders got their marching orders!
  7. It's not ministerial... A mere souvenir for the sucker with cash.
  8. Medal "For the Liberation of Palmyra" Established on 14 May 2016 by ministerial order 273. Awarded to servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and of the Syrian Arab Army, for direct participation in the heroic storming and liberation of Palmyra during the period from the 13th to 27th of March 2016, as well as to the planners and leaders of military operations during the liberation of the Syrian city. The medal may also be awarded to civilians, for their assistance in dealing with the tasks entrusted to the united military forces in conducting military operations for the
  9. That's beyond my area of expertise, but I'm sure one of our experts will soon pop in.
  10. I agree, I have a few on period ribbons just like that.
  11. Being an easily found and cheaply purchased unofficial award... Pretty much anybody could acquire one and slap it on in lieu of the clasp. The French seem to tolerate such things, the insignia for wounds received is another such example.
  12. Canada's newest medal, the Sovereigns Medal for Volunteers. The inaugural presentation is to take place Tuesday, April 12th at Rideau Hall. This is the first official photo of the medal, more to follow! For more info about other recipients and eligibility criteria please check the Governor Generals website
  13. Is it rare? In Russia, not really... Outside of Russia, yes, quite... It is a state award and illegal to export out of the Russian Federation. That's the main reason why this section contains mostly ministerial level awards. It's a Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" 2nd Class. It is awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements in various fields of industry, construction, science, education, health, culture, transport and other areas of work. Is it real? Looks like the real McCoy to me... Yours?
  14. They said it would outright replace the medals for participation in individual exercises but I guess not... Medal "Joint Strategic Exercise - Union Shield 2015" Medal "Strategic Command-Staff Exercise - Centre 2015"
  15. They're popping these things out like popcorn... The para ones are possibly from the organization of airborne veterans. Anything airborne or naval themed has a huge following in Russia.
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