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  1. I have seen a few Portugese pilot badges going around a few dealers and on Ebay advertised as WW2 era wings, in fact I just bought one for $20 - they are a thinish pressed badge that looks aged, with a pin and catch assembly. I am told these are not WW2 and that the pre 1945 Portugese pilot badge is of a much more solid in construction - would anyone have a scan of such as example. Thanks. CMF
  2. No. 585 is for sale here http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=218936 $1695 I believe. Ed can you empty your PM box, I sent you a PM but it does not appear to be reaching you? Regards, Colin
  3. Hi Cam I too am perplexed with the determinaton of issuing the Defence Medal, here is a summary of my Father and uncles: - Uncle in RNZAF - Operational in bombers from July 42 - killed October 42 - Received Defence Medal - Uncle in NZEF - Operational about Sept 41 - killed June 42 - no Defence Medal - Uncle RNZN - Operational May 41 - Discharged 1945 (on Achilles & Gambia mostl of time) - no Defence Medal - Father - RNZN - Nov 41 - Oct 44 - (Killegray minesweeper) Received Defence Medal Confused, me too! Best wishes, Colin
  4. Hi Jaques I have seen LDO list which list Grossman & Co, Wien ad LDO 11, how come the L/11 for these Spanish Crosses is Deumer? Cheers, Colin
  5. Hi Andreas Thanks for the response, I have emailed a reply to you. Gidday Rick, will post a picture for sure if this one is for me. Cheers, Colin
  6. I have been trying to locate/purchase an undamaged Ernestine Knights Cross 1st Class with swords (1914-18 war time version) for some time. I have managed to find a few repaired pieces, but nothing more. Are these particularly rare or just hard to find? Cheers, Colin
  7. This is the precertification document for Bronze cross without swords I believe. Birnbaum ended becoming a Hs 129 pilot with 10 (Pz)./SG 9. Cheers, Colin
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