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  1. Hi Tsend, Any info on who received badge n°53? Thanks for your help. Best regards, Jan
  2. Here is a pic I took on my first trip to Mongolia in 1998. Best regards, Jan
  3. Thank you both for the interest you bring to these questions! Jan
  4. Wonderful Bob, thank you very much. Now to get these translated, I'm so curious! Thanks also Urnuh for the transliteration of the names. Good evening, Jan
  5. Here is a closer shot of the page with the name. Hope this is more readable. Thank you so much Tsend for your help. Best regards, Jan
  6. Thanks for your help! I'll post close-ups tonight Best regards, Jan
  7. Unfortunately, I can't decipher the names. I could provide close-ups of the names if anyone around here is knowledgable in handwritten Uighur. Thanks anyway for the offer. Jan
  8. The last: (Grrr, to think I refused several of those because the photos were removed, still kicking myself for that!!!!) best Jan
  9. Dusted of some of my documents. Here's one for Partisan n° 410
  10. Wow, great to see so much information coming out. It stimulated me to dust of some of my docs. Here's a document that is supposed to be for a type 3 best herder badge. Issued in 1958. Don't know exactly how this fits in with the last conference in 1955? Best regards, jan
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