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  1. On 13 באפריל 2006 at 18:19, Dave Danner said:

    The 1923 War Department report on decorations conferred in World War One to U.S. servicemen indicates the following Montenegrin awards:


    Obilitch medal - 1

    Order of Prince Danilo I - 125 (1 Grand Cross, 10 Grand Officer, 62 Commander, 20 Officer, 32 Knight)

    Medal for Military Bravery - 94

    Medal for Zeal - 10 (4 Gold, 6 Silver)

    War cross - 1

    in London Gazette I see 25 names of british officers and soldiers with Montenegrin Bravery medals


  2. "... MONTENEGRO, original die for medal "MILOŠ OBILIĆ" probably A.Berthrand, Paris, UNIQUE ..." sold by barper.com 


    1 hour ago, paja said:

    Once again, thank you so much for images from Delande's catalog! 
    I hope you won't mind me asking you again, but are there other Montenegrin decorations in that catalog? :)

    May be tomorrow :)

  3. nice photo of silver cross 


    Photo of Nikola Korchev 

    Никола Корчев - спаситель Самарско знаме



    In bulgarian museum - medals of Angel Gerchev 

    "... опълченеца Ангел Герчев от село Старчища – Неврокопско. Той е бил знаменосец на самарското знаме след 1885 година в продължение на 20 години ... "


  4. On 26.03.2017 at 01:31, Graf said:

    Hi New World,


    i think in the very early stages the Order for Bravery was called Military Order.


    i suspect once the Order for Military Merit was introduced the Order for Bravery  was called Military Order for Bravery  not to be confused with the new Military Order

    as you can see during Battennberg period was called also Military Order only

    for the first time you can see from the last pictures, from King Ferdinand period, was called Military Order for Bravery



    Hi Graf, 

    can you post full 2nd page of document of Kara-Stoyanov, with date and number ?


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