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  1. see olso M?dailles de Saint-Georges, R?cipiendaires belges

    see olso The russian bar 1916-R-1917

    see olso Les Petits Belges en Russie

    see olso Belgian Armoured Cars in Russia

    But the medal an cross of Saint georges is olso given by the Tsar Nicolas II to belgian soldiers at the belgian Front. In the Archiefs of the Belgian Army (at the Documentation Center of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels) are some letters that mention that the Divisions had to disigne X officiers, x NCO's and X soldiers to recieve a decoration of the Tsar of Russia.

    In WW I The allied forces exchanged decorations for there soldiers, the French, Britsch, Servians, Russian etc did it

    On the site of N . Botta-Kuznezoff I see link

    Somebody have this book ?

    JACQUIJ (Philippe),

    "D?corations imp?riales russes, croix et m?dailles de Saint-Georges",

    in Armes-Militaria-Informations (A.M.I.),

    n?6, f?vrier 1990, pp 57-59.

  2. Hier http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?s=&showtopic=2...indpost&p=69102

    we talk about Paul Roze from Belgian Auto-Canon-Machinegun Corps in Russia .

    We have 3 Officers from Belgian Auto-Canon-Machinegun Corps in Russia

    with Russian st. George Awards too !

    Edgard Van Der Donkt , lieutenant

    Recive Order of st. George 4th class

    (order of 11 Army 25.09.1917 № 676 )

    Ippolite Seme , major

    Recive Georgian Sword

    (order of 11 Army 11.10.1917 № 689 )

    Felix Uden , shtabs-kapitan


    Order of st. George 4th class

    (order of 11 Army 20.12.1916 № 943 )

    & Georgian Sword

    (order of 7 Army 21.11.1917 № 1888 )

  3. To Ulsterman - THANK YOU !!! :beer:

    I'll try to write them . But my bad English ! :blush::(

    May be somebody can help me ? :unsure:


    Sister Evelina Haverfield from S.W.H. after Balkan Front was in the Romanian Front and

    recive Russian For Bravery Medal -

    " During the last three weeks of this disastrous campaign, Evelina and the transport drivers continuously drove south as far as they could go into the fighting area, and loaded their ambulances and touring cars with wounded and exhausted soldiers, and drove them north out of range of the enemy fire. This daring rescue operation won Evelina a Russian military medal for bravery under fire. "


  4. Medals group of nurse . Mounted by SPINK .

    Russian st. George "For Bravery" medal not for man - EXTREMALLY RARE !

    Serbian and montenegrin awards for Balkan Wars or WWI .

    Russian medal -end of 1916 or 1917 year .

    Somebody have information about Russian awards to British nurses in WWI ?

    Help me please !

  5. The 1923 War Department report on decorations conferred in World War One to U.S. servicemen indicates the following Montenegrin awards:

    Obilitch medal - 1

    Order of Prince Danilo I - 125 (1 Grand Cross, 10 Grand Officer, 62 Commander, 20 Officer, 32 Knight)

    Medal for Military Bravery - 94

    Medal for Zeal - 10 (4 Gold, 6 Silver)

    War cross - 1

    For Serbia:

    Star of Karageorge, Knight Grand Cross - 1

    Order of the White Eagle - 32 (2 Grand Officer, 9 Commander, 17 Officer, 4 Knight)

    Order of St. Sava - 19 (2 Grand Officer, 1 Commander, 8 Officer, 8 Knight)

    Medal for bravery, gold - 1

    I don't know how complete this is.

    One american recive Montenegrin Obilich "For Bravery" Medal - General Pershing !

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