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  1. In January 1915 HMS "Jupiter" was detailed to keep open the vital supply route to Archangelsk

    for the supply of ammunition to Russia .

    In recognition of this achievment the Medal of Zeal was given to each member of the crew .

    The ribbon of Order of St. Anne was attached to medals for Chief Petty Officers

    and ribbon of Order St. Stanislas to the lower ranks .

    Officers receive Orders .

    Crew of HMS "Jupiter" - 672 .

    How Chief Petty Officers was on the board of HMS "Jupiter" ? :beer:

    Medals Group of 141041 W. Hutchings C.E.R.A. 1st Cl. with Russian Zeal Medal on the St. Anne ribbon.

  2. Medals group of 346537 Victualling Chief Petty Officer W. A. Gollop, Royal Navy,

    a recipient of the Russian Cross of St. George for the Baltic operations of 1919.

    Wallace Albert Gollop was born at Portsmouth, Hampshire in November 1888 and entered the Royal Navy as a Ship?s Steward Boy in February 1904. Based at Victory as a 2nd Ship?s Steward by the outbreak of hostilities in August 1914, he joined the cruiser H.M.S. Caradoc in June 1917 and remained in her until January 1921. During this period the Caradoc was employed in the Baltic operations of 1919 and participated in a prolonged and successful bombardment of Bolshevik forces in Estonia.

  3. For Jutland battle 925 British Other Ranks receive Russian St. George "For Bravery" Medals .

    If you have in your collection some medals group with Russian medal -

    let me know please the number of medal and name of receipient .

    Thank you !!!


    On the pic. -

    -medals ribbon bar of Ldg. Sto. Sidney Ixer, O.N. 280726 (PO)

    -st. George for Bravery medal of S. Ixer

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