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  1. https://www.emedals.com/auctions/bulgaria-kingdom-a-military-order-of-bravery-knight-grand-officer-c-1900

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. A Military Order of Bravery, Knight Grand Officer, c.1900

    (Военна ордена на смелостта, Гранд Крос). Instituted in 1880. Type II. A white enameled Maltese cross with crossed swords, obverse centre with crowned Bulgarian lion on red enamel, green enamel surround, reverse centre with cipher of Price Alexander of Battenberg on a red enameled backing, green enamel surround with 1879 date, measuring 58.5 mm (w) x 85.5 mm (h - inclusive of its crown suspension), intact enamels, extremely fine.











  2. now for sale 

    Numbered Serbian 'Gold' Medal for Bravery (Milos Obilic)

    NEW! 'Gold' Medal for Bravery (Milos Obilic), used in the Balkan War/WW1 period as award to Officers for battlefield bravery. Very attractive and numbered by hand engraving 'N.17' (bottom of reverse). We have only seen 2 numbered examples of similar medal in the past 40 years. It is said to be possible to conduct research on the recipient in Serbian sources but we will leave this to the new owner. Clearly, this was an early award. Medal in worn yet good condition. Remarkable, original ribbon is also worn and shows age and typical Swiss construction (ribbons used by the firm of Huguenin in Le Locle were of rather poor weave and threads separated easily). 36mm in diameter. This would make an excellent addition to any Serbian/WW1 medal collection. Item # Ser-43 (225)

    Additional image. 





  3. http://www.museumsmolyan.eu/gallery_serafim.html 


    Image 7 of 13

    Народен орден „За военна заслуга” ІV степен (Офицерски кръст) и Грамота за него. Връчени на полк. Владимир Серафимов „за непорочна служба и извънредни заслуги във военно време“, Инв. № № К – 314–1, К – 314 – 2. 
    People`s Order “For Military Merit”, IV class (Officer`s Cross) and Charter. Presented to Colonel Vladimir Serafimov for “immaculate service and special merit” at war time.Inv. No К – 314–1, К – 314 – 2.



  4. Yes Graf :beer: 

    These boxes are similar ! :) 



    On 29 בנובמבר 2017 at 19:38, ilieff said:

    Hi all,

    I hope it's not too off-topic but I wanted to contribute a little bit more to the discussion about crown variations...

    I came across this interesting letter (unfortunately, only a screengrab, as it was part of a video) which has been sent to prime-minister Stambolov, asking him to approve the new design of the 100 Leva gold coin. In the letter the unknown bureaucrat complains that the Prince (Ferdinand I) has 'yet again changed the shape of the crown'.

    He writes: 'Two years ago, it used to be like so [first icon from the letter], then it became [second icon], later it changed to [third icon] and now it's [fourth icon]' [...] and then gives some further details.

    This is a fairly informal letter and not directly linked to phaleristics, but it clearly shows that the frequent experiments with the appearance of the Bulgarian crown which have been initiated about 1890 and, for a brief period, there have been many iterations, most of which (if not all) have been directly influenced by the Monarch. 

    And just for visual reference, here's the final result of the 1894 golden coin:







    Coin from 1894 , but we have phaleristic Item from 1893 year 

    ( I have only picture :( ) 



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