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  1. Look at Monty's document books - Order of Victory: http://www.mirnagrad.ru/cgi-bin/news.cgi?s...amp;re_num=5058 Suvorov 1st class: http://www.mirnagrad.ru/cgi-bin/news.cgi?s...amp;re_num=5060 Who knows the vault area of these goods?
  2. Look at this 1942 photo: A.A.Mostinsky - general staff officer, 224 assault air division; "climber, 2nd degree" badge was given to A.A.Mostinsky in 1938; year of enlistment - 1941.
  3. Richieс! About a year ago this particular photograph WAS NOTED otherwise . The people from the image had been strictly identified as fireguards
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