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  1. here is one I got in this year a lucky find with all hand embroidered insignia. joetauchretter I would love to take that badge off your hands, is it possibly for sale for the right price? Von Thronstahl I would like to buy your hand embroidered divers badge as well, great badge
  2. Bill I was thinking and worrying about my comments last night in my sleep and it came to me that these photos where posted along time ago before the thought of the book came up, I offer my sincere appoligies, I put it all down to age, lack of sleep and the presure of court proceeding in trying to get contact with my dear young children who my ex wife refuses to let me see, even though I have a right to see them.
  3. Bill Not very happy that you posted my pictures that I intended to use in my book on police insignia when I asked you not to share the photos
  4. Thanks to all that have replied, great to hear the appreciation. CCJ the dark red piping is for the Gemeinde police that was absorbed into the schupo in 1940 and became green piping.
  5. This is an officers werkschutz insignia, noting wrong with it at all, just worn is all, I would love to have it in my collection
  6. A few more eagle, a faded police green eagle on a dark green backing, most unusual, along with a Luftschutzfeuerwehrpolizei eagle another Admin eagle and a feuerwehr on green eagle
  7. Hay Gordon how are you? you still looking for Feldgendarmerie photos? I got a few that I am letting go. I think Helmut Weitze has an MKP title going.
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