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  1. James, Thanks very much for the information, most interesting. Hopefully I'll be able to get down to the National Archives within the next couple of months and see if I can find anything more about his disciplinary offences, but as you say, it can't have been anything too serious as it certainly didn't adversly effect his career. An interesting character! Thanks again for taking the time to look him up. Regards, Rod
  2. The latest addition to my Met Police collection is as follows: 1887 Jubilee with 1897 Clasp to PS E. EMENY. W DIV. I've managed to track him down on the Registers of Joiners & Leavers as; Warrant No. 58819 Edward Emeny. Joined 05 Apr 1875 (X Div). Left 09 Apr 1900 (F Div) with the rank of Inspector. No mention of him on the Old Bailey website. Is anyone able to provide any further info on this man's career..... Collar Numbers, promotion dates etc? As always, any help would be very much appreciated. Regards, Rod
  3. Ah, yes see what you mean! Looks as if I'll have to find any Police Orders mentioning PC Channing to get any further with him. Thanks again. Regards, Rod
  4. Odin, Thanks very much for taking the time to look him up, Clapham fits nicely with his medal being awarded to W Div. Does PC Thomas Channing also appear in the Attestation Register or are they incomplete?
  5. Odin, Thanks for the info and scan of his attestation details. Would you happen to know whether Mitcham falls into the W Div area? I've had a look through the various census and pieced together the following regarding James Keylock; 1857: Born Cirencester, Gloucestershire. 1871 Census: Errand Boy. Address; Preston St, Preston, Gloucestershire 1881 Census: Single. Address; Causeway Police Station, Mitcham,Surrey. 1881 (Jul-Sep): Married in Croydon to AdaLucy Kennett (Born 1859). 1891 Census: Occupation is Gatekeeper. Address; 29 Gaskell St, Clapham. 1900: Died in Wandsworth (age 42). Children: James (1888), Leonard (1890),William (1898), Charlotte (1883), Eva (1886). Unfortunately looks as if PC Thomas Keylock isn't his son but maybe some other relation. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Rod
  6. Hello, I'm new to the area of collecting Met Police medals and was hoping that someone could help with any information regarding the following two individuals who's medals (both 1887 Jubilee) are now in my collection: PC Thomas Channing (B Div), WarrantNumber:50369 Joined: 11 May 1868, Left: 04 Jun 1894. PC James Keylock (W Div), WarrantNumber:60889. Joined: 30 Oct 1876, Left: 24 Sep 1889. I managed to find the above info on the NA website in the Register of Leavers but was hoping that somebody could add anything further... collar numbers, stations served at etc? Thanks in advance and any help at all would be most appreciated. Regards, Rod
  7. Hello James, Firstly, I certainly see your point. The Pakistan Independence medal is definately worn before the British campaign medals/stars (as in the original group) and I have numerous groups in my collection mounted in that order. That said, the vast majority of my groups also contain the Pakistan Republic Medal, at which time (as you rightly state) the new Pakistani awards would take precedence. However, it is not un-common to see Pakistani groups (without the Republic Medal) with the Independence Medal mounted after the British campaign stars/medals and these are usually presumed to be "wrongly" mounted. Maybe they weren't??? Maybe the order of wearing was changed at some point......most probably after 1956, in which case those who weren't still serving would probably have left them in the original order of mounting? Another point that I have often wondered about is why does the naming on these medals (on the rim) always appear upside down, suggesting that the Royal Cypher was the intended obverse and not the Pakistani flag? An intersting discussion and food for thought! Cheers Rod
  8. Yes, I see it now (tucked behind L/Nk Lala) and it certainly looks like the 2 ribbons you've mentioned. Hopefully there aren't many "less obvious" mistakes/missprints throughout. Cheers Rod
  9. Michael, I nearly forgot to ask; I see that you used to collect medals to the Dogras and I'd be interested to know of any examples that you have/had/seen so that I can add them to a database? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Regards Rod
  10. Hello Michael, Yes Lt Gen Prasad's book is very good as it has a wealth of photos but a lot of it is obviously covered by the earlier regimental histories. I had a quick look through my copy of Palsokar's book but couldn't find the illustration you referred to......the only sketch I could find of troops in the 1920's was the well known series by Tulloch of operations in Waziristan.......although I have seen pictures of the badge being worn in other publications. I too have an example of this badge and it's a pity that they were issued unamed. Regards Rod
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