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    1. There were some items made for the 1940 Olympics ahead of time. Unfortunately the war scrapped the plans and every once in a while some item crops up that had been manufactured but never used. Richard V
    2. Is this just a well worn piece missing its hanger or is this some type of electrotype copy? Weight is 20.5 gms and diameter about 34 mm plus. It appears to lack the detail of an original but that could be due to wear. It does have signs that there was a ring attached at the top. I'm also concerned about the "pimple" that is evident in the field just to the southwest of his chin (just short of the I in Maximilian). Any comments welcome. Richard V
    3. This was a donation stickpin of the WHW, given out for contributing to the organisation. Richard V
    4. This is a nice one. There are some silver versions floating around that have a "1000" at the bottom of the reverse. On another forum it was described as the silver content which makes on sense as there is no such thing as 1000 fine silver. I was wondering if anyone on this forum might have encountered these and have an opinion? I personally don't care for them and have my doubts. Richard V
    5. And just one more. Here is a modern Austrian Bundesturnfest tinnie from 1971 that mimics the first one posted in this thread.
    6. Here is a set of tinnies including the famous Breslau 1938 tinnie that all belonged to the same man. He was a WWI veteran who stayed active in gymnastics into his 90's. Note the date range of these go from 1933 to 1980, a period of 47 years!
    7. Another cool one that has been posted before 1860-1935 Erstes Kreisturnfest der Niederbayr. Ostmark Pfarrkirchen 29 u. 30 Brachmond (Juni)
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