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    Intrested in Judo , have trained Judo about 35 Years .

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  1. Hello Fernando, Very interesting question you ask. I think I found a picture in my collection right now showing what you are asking if I have understood you correctly. Cheers,Morten.
  2. Hello, Here is a New photo of Drum and Fife Corps since 1940. And a New Patch With thanks to my frind Larry for trade! Cheers,Morten.
  3. Hello JustinG, Stunning Justin.Now you need to start collecting period pictures Mützenbander in wear photo of all your Mützenbander! Cheers,Morten.
  4. Hi Luftsport, Thanks for Your Nice photo to this Nice thread! Cheers,Morten.
  5. Hello Luftsport , Thanks for Your Nice photo to My thread! Cheers,Morten.
  6. Hi Odulf, Any News? I won the bid of Aircraft Reporting Photo Küsten Artillerie. Cheers,Morten.
  7. Hi, Very rare photo you sharing with us.I have the same in My Collection! Cheers,Morten. Nice patch My friend ! Cheers,Morten.
  8. Hello Luftsport, Thanks for posting these Very Nice photo! Cheers,Morten.
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