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  1. Hello, Order (MV38, No. 400) Dated 14 June 1938 (Effectiv 1 October 1938) Reorganization of 1st and 2nd GELEITFLOTILLE as one flotille. 2 GELEITFLOTILLE 2 Best;Morten.
  2. Hi Martin, Thank you for your update on your collector interest. I really appreciate that you still collect and we need your great knowledge. I am a little younger than you but I collect KM photos more than ever. Best from Norway;Morten.🍻
  3. Hi Martin, Thank you for your words. I'm glad you gather a little because it shows that you are still interested in the hobby! Best from Norway,Morten.
  4. And a Thanks to Larry for posting his Nice photo!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚ I hope and believe that Martin W will stop by to see all the nice pictures that have been posted on the thread he has started here! Best from Norway,Morten.πŸ™‚
  5. Hello, A new photo has arriwed! Costal artillery (Marineartillerie-Laufbahn) Obermatrosen From 1937 -1940,weapon control forman costal gun in his first traning stage with the unit. Best,Morten.
  6. Hello Friend`s, Schulschiff Albert Leo Schlageter. The combination of the two Erfungsmesser patch is unusual and not seen often in photo.T The winged insignia is the pre-1940 Fla-Messer (AA Range Finder) And the other patch is the Fire Control-Range Finder Patch. Best from Norway,Morten.
  7. Hello Friend`s, Schulschiff Albert Leo Schlageter. Best,Morten Pedersen.
  8. Hello, Here is upper patch Carpenter, Two chvrons Gefreiter and Torpedo Diver i think! Not he wearing KM Belt Bajonet and Bosun wistle.He also wearing Ribbon. Best from Norway,Morten.
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