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    1. Hello, I need help of tis Mutzenbander in wear! Thanks for help and Happy New Year from Norway. Cheers Morten H P.
    2. Supplementary Battalions= Marineergänzungsabteilung - Constitued in 1935/36- Renamed as Ship Cadre Batalions in 24/9-1937. 1.Marineergänzungsabteilung 1. Cheers Morten HP.
    3. Thanks for posting on this thread,with Your Very Nice Photo!👏👏👏 Cheers Morten HP.
    4. A great picture Larry. Thank you for helping to keep alive this thread that Martin W started. Sad that we are the only ones who post here while others will harvest information without posting anything themselves. Everyone must remember that this is a of the best Thread together with the thread on the Forum wehrmacht-Awards .com on Mutzenbander in wear cheers,Morten HP.
    5. Hello, A rare Tally in wear! 1.Zerstørerdivision 1. and 3.Zerstørerdivisjon 3. Best Morten H P.
    6. Thanks Martin!🍻 Cheers,Morten. Thank you my friend for your kind words. It is important that we collectors keep such threads alive because this is a good database. Cheers,Morten.
    7. Hi Larry, very good that you, Larry, are helping to keep up the activity on this thread! Cheers Morten.
    8. Hi Larry, Thanks for posting Your new and beautiful Mützenbander photo!👏👏👏🍻
    9. Hello, Mine Sweeper ( Minensuchboot ) M 60 : FLOTTENTENDER Hecht Best Morten H Pedersen.
    10. Hello, New Mutzenbander in wear photo has arrived! Z.6 ZERSTØRER THEODOR RIEDEL. Through April 1939 were named after naval heros killed in action during WW1. Best,Morten H P.
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