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  1. Possibly engraved by Boots the Chemist - or more likely another commercial provider.
  2. Peter, Did you ever try the RMP Museum for your picture? They have just moved from Chichester to HMS Dryad (don't ask!), but may be able to assist. Rgds Jon
  3. HMS Royal Oak. 833 men went down with her and rest there still. RIP. I believe that the Hood was the greatest loss of life that the RN suffered in WW2 in any one vessel.
  4. The Trafford Leigh Mallory and Arthur Harris groups are at the RAFM at Hendon. Wonder about Beaverbrook tho'. Are you talking about Lord Beaverbrook the paper magnate and wartime Minister for Aircraft Production?
  5. Tony, I have used the following chap on a couple of occasions and found him to be very good (some may say that he is a wee bit pricey); http://www.militaryresearchon.com/ May I also suggest that you pop a thread stating that you are searching for his gongs on the following site aswell (there might even be someone off to TNA who could help further): http://www.britishmedalforum.com/index.php Rgds Jon
  6. Tony, Have you tried locating his service records at The National Archives mate? If you can't get there I can recommend a good researcher that can do it for a fee (and it isn't me!!). Failing that you can download his Medal Index Card for ?3.50. This will give you quite a bit of info that you don't appear to currently have. Let me know if you need assistance with either of the above. Rgds Jon
  7. For a quick and easy answer, try the following site my friend: http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/encyclope...tary_police.htm If you need specifics, please let me know. Rgds Jon Major, AGC (RMP)
  8. Rob, This guy makes 'em up and sells 'em on Ebay. Rgds Jon
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