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  1. Slightly unusual post so I hope the moderators allow. I wanted to give the opportunity to members before listing on auction sites etc. Looking to dispose of a significant number of WWI British MG imagery, on the lewis, Vickers and Hotchkiss. These are postcards official photos etc and are an excellent addition to a serious MG collector. Please email mark.finneran@hotmail.co.uk if interested. Mark
  2. Great view of the tubular bipod. Does anybody have a spare or know a price for one? Mark
  3. If there is some duplication of imagery, my apologies as I am slowly replacing photobucket pictures. If anyone is interested in the detail of post WWI modifications please ask. Mark
  4. More anti-aircraft imagery, and yes I am looking for the sights!
  5. This is the MG08/15 thread so I will post some imagery on the MG08 thread reference Bayern’s discovery of earlier maxims 😀. As for anti-aircraft use in WWI, period imagery favours the 08 as the AA weapon of choice so again those images will appear in the 08 thread.
  6. AA not so exciting 😀 it means anti-aircraft. The 08 was a terrific AA MG and there is lots of period imagery of 08 gun nests and positions in all sorts of configurations. Now I am forced to dig out my AA images! Mark
  7. I am not an expert but whilst I am sure there are many bits of kit that were used in WWI, that still we do not know of, or experimentation, or field armoured modifications. I do not see this square ‘thing’ as a recoil device. The point of the booster is to re-channel some of the forces and gases in order to assist the recoil process. This simply looks like something that the barrel protrudes through but fixed to the barrel. Is it some strange armour or flash hider I do not know. Is there better photo definition. I would like to see the tangent sight too as that might give a clue. It also looks to me that the RH gun also has a canvas/cloth barrel jacket sleeve. Furthermore the LH gun has a variant of an AA sight too not seen before?
  8. They could well be 8mm Naval MG08s but it is difficult to see from the photo. Attached a naval MG08 where you can see certain key features for zeppelin use. However there are certainly 'extra bits' on these guns which warrant more study. Attached a well known photo of a 'front piece instrument'
  9. I think we may be getting confused with vocabulary . Do you mean flash hider? or Blank Firing Attachment or just the normal Muzzle booster? There are some other period images with a very large/device' on the muzzle of an 08 which again has caused much discussion from 'fortress armour' to exotic flash hider !.
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