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    1. Thank you All for your wishes, thank you Owain, I am really lucky thank God. in fact my house is 400 meters, more or less in few meters, away from the blast. just remembering the scenario after the explosion is enough for me to live it again. I walked away from my house to the first, second and third hospital bare foot, only wearing socks. they were both destroyed i continued bare foot walking to the third that was also destroyed but the army was helping injured people (by hundreds) so they gave me basic help, until my wife knew were i was (or what was my status) then we went back to my open doors house and open walls & doors office to save what i could from my 35 years of collecting.... then went to the 4th hospital were i had the major stitches 74 in total of them 14 staples in the head alone and that was from 1:00 a.m till 6:00 a.m 4 weeks after the explosion I removed the stitches and was attending the rubble removing when a wall fell on my ankle and broke it yes thank God on everything let us be positive no matter what. the picture is of the Explosion and the port taken from the roof of my building where i live in the last floor (4th). Thank you all and God bless you, Elie Ghossoub
    2. First Side: The 3rd Sport anniversary (up) Fortress of the Heroes of Independence (below) Second side: General Directorate for Youth and Sports. 1974 it is a commemorative medal for the event of 1974 First Side: The 3rd Sport anniversary (up) Fortress of the Heroes of Independence (below) Second side: General Directorate for Youth and Sports. 1974
    3. Thanks for the reply, i will be posting more rare orders i bought :)
    4. Hi, I just bought this order with many other rare items, the one i have is the grand cordon, with Sash and Breast star. Does any one know its real value?
    5. Hi, Thanks for the photo, I wounder why he took the Syrian bravery medal? do you have any idea? Merry Christmas Happy New Year
    6. Hi Lorenzo, My brother you are everywhere I like it . I will search for the want list place, thanks
    7. Hi, Does anyone have an old Lebanese medal for sale? I have most of the medals but would always buy double especially the old ones. before 1986 Yours, Elie
    8. I guess you are right they are both confused, without proper training, military tailors become normal tailors with no respect to the order of wearing of the medals. Yes the training medal or ouissam el tadrib has 3 classes 1-2-3 the first being with a Leaf, the second with a star and the third simple. I guess they differ by the time or how many trainings have been made. so it is not like other medals being Gilt, Silvered and bronze. I mean the first one could be directly taken and not gradually, for example in Lebanon if someone took the Merit medal class 2, after a period if he retakes it, a star is added to the ribbon (bar and medal), I am not sure if this is the case here. But I know Syria high officers are treaded differently than normal soldiers. I have a quastion about the order of wearing the medals: is there an international policy and procedures for that? or it differs from country to country?
    9. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. In fact this is the biggest one belonging to a General, they are many in the Syrian army. I have smaller of 17 medals and less as well I will post one now that has a medal not in the other one in the second line I guess.
    10. Hi, I was browsing this site and saw your comments on this medal, it is the Peace in Lebanon Medal, well this is for sure not a Lebanese medal, it is a Syrian medal awarded to high officers (never soldiers) for their service in Lebanon assuming to preserve the peace in the late 1977. And Syrian soldiers, even most officers since the 70s they are only awarded ribbons and not the actual medal, I dont know if they issue a certificate but I know it comes as a direct order from the army commendment as a document to the corp or place the military man is serving and so it reflects on his salary so the more medals the soldier (any military soldier) is awarded the more his salary would increase and so to decrease cost, due to the big army size, few are really awarded multi medals. I can even say that the last medal created was in 1977 (few orders as exceptions), so no new medals have been made or designed, maybe also the lack of military actions is a cause. Even that Syria participated in the Kuwait Liberation coallition in 1991, they did not create a medal but they awarded the ribbon or in some cases the medal made by the Saudis or Kuwait like the liberation of Kuwait or bravery medal, that is less expensive for the government . So we can see that they keep using the old medals. We can see also that some medals are found everywhere because a huge stock was made before and directly after the revolution that is when Syria was in its Golden financial age. They were all made abroad in Swiss of France and now they re-make them in low quality and they are not replicas by low quality mints and same thing goes to the wings that have another story I attach a ribbon bar of most Syrian medals and orders, dont ask me what some ribbons refer to as I dont know if you have doubles I can buy or try swap. Yours, Elie Ghossoub
    11. Hi, Can anyone help me finding some of the Liban Lebanon Medals under French mendate? Thanks, Elie
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