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  1. I mean, that I read, it will be a award from the orthodox church in Ladoga sea area!?! Howe ever knowe the Name of central church in this area? St. Petersburg Oblast. Sincerely Holger Herbst / Greifswald
  2. You can write on this adress in germany or use this link. All german soldiers and officers have a file on it: http://dd-wast.javabase.de/frame_e.htm Sincerely Holger Herbst / Germany
  3. Thats the cover from a booklet, that my friend have writen. Badges and history of the PLO special forces 17
  4. Not jerkily friends! The ground on this display will be show, what for awards will have Mr. Hussein. The question is not original or for tourist!!! Original awards will be with original documents for this awards. I mean, that we are FALERISTIK?s and not Numismatic?s collectors! All documents will be have other office in a other country. You knowe!! Or will be lost in last days, before come other interest. Same 1945 in germany.
  5. This company have made many, different award in this time for Afghanistan. But all stemps from awards and printedquantity are lost. So the man on telephon from the company! *smile*
  6. Made in germany in the 1960?s years. Deschler and son. Today is that company a part of company Pichl in Innsbruck Austria.
  7. Sorry collector - friend?s again, but I?m "NEM member" of this forum. Hope it will be other in next and I can more send bigger and better pictures.
  8. Badge of the 4. K?stenschutzschiff Brigade Volksmarine Hompage of this Veterans: http://www.mks-kss.de/board/portal.php
  9. today, I recieved the exp. edition of Slovenske rady vyznamenania cestne odznaky / 2002 from Sasa Agentura Kosice , 110 pages ISBN 80-967096-7-4
  10. Yes. Back is also writen arabic. In next, I send better pictures. Force 17 booklet on way to UK. My letter also? Sincerely Holger
  11. Hello! It?s problem for better pictures. I?m new member of this forum and I can not upload so big pictures. Later, so I hope, I can made it. Holger
  12. So, sorry. Last question. You knowe Mrs. Umalatowa, that awarded ann. medals for every act after end of soviet union, for "falling" soldiers and officers in russia. What are awards? Souvenirs or .....! Communist, or russia....? Wher are listed or directory the awards in 30 years later, in "special" price-cataloge. I mean the FALERISTIK is not a help / para sience . We are scientist.
  13. Thanks dear friends, it is a real free forum, the GIMC . We continue to think of everything . We are not alone in the world . History is learns and to teach .
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