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    Heer combat badges, WII US cased medals, Iraqi militaria

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  1. Awesome grouping! This kind of effort is what collecting should be all about. Congrats!
  2. I should have added that mine has a different hinge then yours, but the hinge on yours is an accepted variant in terms of hardware.
  3. Hi Ed, I love that thread it is my main reference tool. I am all for contributing what little bit I have to country specific threads, I think it's a great idea!
  4. The IAB is original and in the past has been attributed to Wernstein but this is likely not the case. It is a topic of alot of discussion as it has a twin in the L/51 marked IAB which is made by Weidman so that is one possibility. Another theory is that the "UU" marking may be representitive of a "Wein" conglomorate of makers. But both are just theories right now lacking any definitive evidence. As to the EK I have no idea, not a cross collecter. Hope that helps some.
  5. Thanks Doc for the clarification! Ed, it's true....not many of us posting Arabic militaria, but it is rapidly becoming my main collecting interest. Really the only militaria I have been buying lately. It's just hard to find alot of info out there other then yours and others great threads here on GMIC, so thanks for that.
  6. Thanks guys, I can't wait to find some more to add to the collection.
  7. Order of Bravery.............3rd class I think
  8. Order of military merit 5th class......I think
  9. Just started exploring more Middle Eastern countries and decided to go from Iraqi to Syrian. All very common fromwhat I understand but I am excited none the less. Palestine medal with the more common red and black ribbon
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