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    1. Hello Sto, here are an better photo of the u-boat cap emblem of Leutnant zur See Lange, U 178 and U 516. u-boat officer Leutnant zur See Lange U 178 Best Regards, Monsun
    2. Nice photos Gordon! Here another "Narvik"-shield photo from my collection: On board of U 9 at the 30. uflotilla in Konstanza, black sea. The officer on the left is Oberleutnant zur See Gaude, cdr. of U 9 (note the cap badge), in the middle is the flottila ingenieur, wearing the narvikshield and on the right is the flottilla "Steuermann" Oberstrm. Hagelmann. Regards, Monsun
    3. Hello Nesredep, please look here : http://www.leuchtpistolen.de/Waffenliterat...enliteratur.htm Band 1 - bis 1945 Band 2 - after the war and the "Leinenwurfpistolen" (also the KM ones) Regards, Monsun
    4. Hello, thank you for the friendly comments, the pistol is really in an great unused condition. Hi Joe, I will try to explain the function of this gun with my little english. It was a single shot pistol. At first you must put a 8 mm blank cartridge from the rear in the chamber. Then you can put the 22 mm (diameter) rocket from the front in the barrel and screw the steel mount with the steel sling/rope in the rocket. After that you can fire the line throwing gun. Here are a page from the very good "Leuchtpistolen" book from Mr. Wolfgang Kern. You can see both cartridges for the gun, the small 8 mm blank cartridge and the large 22 mm rocket. The small 8mm blank cartridge is only the primer for the large rocket. Regards, Monsun
    5. Hello Nesredep, mmh, is this now a photo for your "Narvik" or "Dienstabzeichen" posting? - U 9, black sea, Konstanza 1943, in the middle you can see the Flottilla-cdr. Rosenbaum. Regards, Monsun
    6. Hi Nesredep, yes, sure on board of an u-boat Here is another photo of this kind of belt in use on board of U 177 Gysae. Regards, Monsun
    7. Hello Gordon, this photo (and yours) are made at the 15. april 1942 in La Specia/italy. Please look at the shoulderstraps! Regards, Monsun
    8. Hi Gordon, you are right, thats really the rarest u-boat commander cap, worn here from Kapit?nleutnant Wilhelm Dommes at his time as commander of U 431 (29.U-Flottille, La Spezia & Toulon). And you now, he was later second commander of my favorite u-boat U 178 and CIS! Regards, Monsun
    9. Hello, here is a nice photo of the u-boat tender Donau. If you want to see other nice color camo photos from u-boats and tenders please look at our new eddition of "U-Boot im Focus". It?s now ready for print and availiable in the next weeks! Regards, Monsun
    10. and here is an original photo from such a rope pistol, taken on board of U 178 (my favorite u-boat ) in the year 1943. Bootsmannsmaat Max Dittrich (DKiG) firing an rope to an italian u-boat.
    11. Hello, also a new addition to my u-boat collection, a very rare line throwing gun, in german called "Leinenpistole, System Sander". Complete with the also rare linen cover (inside stamped the year "1940") and an steel mount. This rocket pistol was used on german ships or u-boats for firing ropes with a rocket to another ship or boat. On the rocket was a steel mount and on this mont was a rope attached. This gun comes from the german u-boat bunker "ELBE II"! Look at the card with "ELBE II, "Leinenpistole" (handwriten) and "Ausgabe an U-...." (given to u-boat nr...). Regards, Monsun
    12. Hello, nice photos. Here is another Narvik shield photo from my collection. Regards, Monsun
    13. Hello Jan Arne, gratulations to this nice and rare destroyer document. Here are an earlier document from my collection to compare. Regards, Monsun
    14. Hello Nesredep, great photos. Here is a photo from a (navy?) Kriegsberichter with cuff band from my collection. Regards, Monsun
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