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  1. Hi I wonder if someone knows the period this hat were in use. I know its Royal West African frontier Force and they were in burma . And that is about all i know. There are no markings so could it be lokaly made?
  2. Hello it looks like Therese are some simularities. mats
  3. larsson


    Hi very interesting ,know i have some moore to go on thanks for the input mats
  4. Hi I am interested in the history of the helmet and all information i get is valuble to me. mats
  5. Hello everybody My name is Mats and i am from sweden and collect swedish military hats and helmets. I come across this mkII some years ago , but i have never found out what it really is? Could you please help me. regards Mats
  6. larsson


    Hi its quite worn but i would say gold mats
  7. larsson


    Thanks , all info are welcome mats
  8. larsson


    Hello everybody My name is Mats and this is My first topic here. I am a collector of swedish military headwear so this item is a bit off for me so i reach out for some help. I belive its french and i have tried to find IT without any result. Can someone please help me.
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