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  1. Hello, I picked up this battered bar and I would like to solicit opinions. As I understand it, this is an NCO's bar but I am having difficult identifying the Loyal Service medal's ribbon. Is this a correct combination, and can someone speculate as to whom might have received this bar? The Hindenburg cross is broken, and it appears a repair was attempted using addition ribbon wrapped around the back. Is it better to leave it as it is, or attempt a repair? Any comments are appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  2. Nothing is written in stone, especially email confirmations of sale. I received a follow up email from Weitze retracting their confirmation of sale to me, and crediting my account. Apparently, they made an error and the bar had previously been sold to another collector, although I continue to fail to see how this happened. Even in the madness of a new listing. The only saving grace is that a collector and friend here on GMIC purchased it, fairly I might add, and that it enters his excellent collection where it is among good company. Congratulations. :cheers:
  3. Thanks Paul, but I think there was a lot of life in this set since long before I was born. I am simply the mailman, delivering a bit of moderately interesting fluff. This picture come from the NSDAP MFKL file at NARA, and while the card is definately Daeuwel's, I am not certain about the image. The cards are alphabetically filed and this image appears between two cards, Daeuwel's and another, so it could belong to either. But I do see several similarities between this image and the nice one that Claudio posted above. The ears, nose, and hairline look similar to me, but I'll leave any conclusions to others. Cheers.
  4. I don't know why I bothered blocking out the website address when all of you already know! In any event, thanks for your positive comments. Is there any possibility of identifying the recipient? Still learning. Thanks
  5. Gentlemen, I purchased this Saxon ribbon bar on impulse, but it can go back. I belatedly noticed the thread on the reverse, and I also wanted to solicit opinions on the 1939 EK2 Auflage. All comments are appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Claudio, I pulled some documents from Daeuwel's NSDAP Partei Korrespondence (PK) and MOFK files at NARA and I hope this adds a small piece of the puzzle. I may have located an image of him as well, but I need to check a few things first. Mike
  7. Thanks for your input, Chris. You had helped out on a similar question I had about these a few years back, but I couldn't find the thread. So as an unofficial decoration, we wouldn't see these on an Austrian medal or ribbon bar? Happy New Year :cheers:
  8. Can someone explain the significance of this medal and the period in which it was bestowed? Was it postwar? I don't recall ever seeing one on a medal or ribbon bar. I've always admired the look of this seldom seen medal and would like to learn more. Thanks in advance.
  9. Daniel, if you are looking for images of the back of the medal bar, perhaps Heiko has more saved from the auction.
  10. Bar.5 I hope this helps. Unfortunately, the medal bar belongs to some unknown party. Thanks to all. Mike
  11. Hello, I'd like to revisit this topic to see if anyone has any more comments regarding the ribbon bar. I'd love for it to be identifiable, but I don't understand what might prevent that from happening. Missing decorations? If necessary, I can add more images. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Well, no more pictures coming since Straube sold the bar within a few hours of posting. What is the general opinion. Good or bad? Thanks for the help!
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