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  1. Richard Gruener is a NS era research mystery and I am hoping to discover something of his WWI service in the 5th Inf Rgt. I do not know his rank for this period. Any assistance will be appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  2. Wow, I should have started my stop-watch so I could time you guys. Nothing about his shoe size or favorite liquor? This is a piece of a larger puzzle so I will update the thread as more project data becomes available. Many thanks, beers on me. Best, Mike
  3. I am looking for any information or identification of a man named Oberleutnant Vollmer of infantry regiment Markgraf 7, Brandenberg 60. He won a sword as a shooting prize in 1906. Anything is helpful, and thanks in advance. MJC
  4. I have his WWII file which indicates he was wounded early in the Great War and in French captivity until 1917(?). Very difficult to read. I'll post here over the w/e or send you a copy. In the interim, this is a later picture of Dr. Otto Kurt Konstantin von der Muelbe, apparently dated August 1934.
  5. Hi, I am looking for additional information and hopefully a picture of LtCol Kurt v. Beerfelde. Thanks to Daniel and Stephen, I have the following: Kurt von Beerfelde (1869-1931) In 1914 Major and Adjutant of the 1st Guards Division, in WW1 Cdr of Guards Grenadier Regiment 5 retired as half Colonel. PLM 1918 Awarded PLM as Major, former commanding Officer 5th Garde Grenadier Regiment. Awarded PLM for outstanding leadership and distinguished military planning and successful operations on the western front during the Spring Offensive of 1918. The award was also given in recognition of distinction during the breakthrough of the enemy lines between Gouzeaucourt and Vermand on March 21, 1918. Also Major von Beerfelde displayed distinction in action during the battles of Mericourt and Morcourt March 27-28, 1918, which broke through the British lines as far as Hamel, east of Amiens. On the following day, while leading his troops southeast of Hamel, Major von Beerfelde was severely wounded in the right arm which necessitated his return to Germany to recover. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  6. I can't comment on his personal history, but I was at Arlington National Cemetery for a family memorial this past weekend and I know his grave is one of the top 10 most requested locations of the cemetery staff. Rather interesting since so many historical personages reside there. What doesn't sit well with you? Mike
  7. Ahhh, envy is a terribly corrosive thing. Congratulations on yet another stunning bar and identification!
  8. Christophe, Any other candidates for your bar? I am back at NARA tomorrow and can check candidates with later service careers.
  9. No other comments on who might have earned it, or the bar itself? Thanks again.
  10. Hi Matt, Thanks for responding and clarifying the last ribbon. I don't have a reverse image handy, but the item is listed by a reputable dealer who posts here, and it looks OK to my eyes.
  11. Hello, I would like to solicit opinions on this nice little bar. It is not really what I collect, but since China will soon own the world... My question is what type of career might this man have had? Prussian, civil servant, Boxer rebellion but no Centenary medal, no WWI service, but 40 years NSDAP. There are huge gaps in my knowledge base, so can someone help me out? Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Gentlemen, Thanks very much for the detailed opinions. As I was primarily interested in the St. Michael, I think I will pass, but if/when the requested images arrive I will post them here for future reference. Again, many thanks.
  13. And I notice the Oldenburg award is missing from the longer, and presumably later, bar, and a orange-yellow-orange ribbon has been added.
  14. Thanks very much for your replies. It is precisely the St. Michael ribbon that interests me. I have asked for better images but they haven't yet arrived. It is being sold separately from this other bar, which I am assuming is to the same man. And this presents the problem, and lack of my knowledge. If the shorter bar is the earlier bar and does not have the St. Michael, yet still has the Hindenburg decoration, would the recipient have received the St. Michael after 1934? Am I off the mark here? Saschaw, if I don't buy, I'll certainly let you know. I've missed some nice things in your last two updates. Great site and good luck with it. Mike
  15. Gentlemen, Can anyone find fault with this bar, and is there any chance at identification? Thanks.
  16. Well, I've just noticed that Darrell will probably not see my post. :o
  17. Darrell, An excellent post, thanks. I just completed Pierre Berton's "The Last Spike", the history of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the resultant problems for the locals and the displaced. A fascinating history and you just added some great color.
  18. Hello, Does anyone have any information regarding this man? Any assistance, no matter how small, is appreciated. Cheers
  19. Thanks Christophe, Since the 1st, 2nd and 5th medals were issued, or could have been issued, prior to the war, is it not possible he could have been a later combatant, but not won the EKII? I know nothing of the 3rd medal so my speculation may be way off. Thanks for your comments.
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