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  1. You're awesome! I would have never IDed that signature. Thanks, Terry
  2. Hello, Here is another correspondence from the binder concerning a veterans association in Germany. I post one yesterday on Heinrich Schmidt-Schmiedebach. Many thanks to Naxos for helping me with that one. I have been unable to identify this signature. It is noted in pencil on one side: Dk i. G. als Lt. 2./Pz Abt 2 101 20.9.1944 I am unable to read German writing so I hoping someone can help me identify the signature. I have quite a few others that I need some help with also. I hope no one minds my post these on G.M.I.C. I've had this binder full of correspondence for 2-3 years and
  3. Wow! Thanks for your help. I have all the episodes of The World at War. I'll have to see if I can find that episode. Incidentally Stephan Ambrose is interviewed several times in that documentary and I have personally met him several times. He is buried in a small private family cemetary not far from where I live. Thanks again, Terry
  4. Hello Folks, A couple of years ago I received a binder with correspondence from several German Officers, some General Officers. It is all post-war material concerning what I can make out to be veteran associations. I have identified several of the officers that include some German Cross in Gold winners and at least one Knight's Cross winner. Pleased to have these signatures even though they are post-war. There are several that I have been unable to identify through my limited research skills and limited library but about half of them I have not. Some of the letters are typed and some are h
  5. My apologies for not replying sooner as it was not intentional. I had to go out of town yesterday and did not get back until this morning. Most of the time I forget to log out of GMIC so when I look at the site this morning I saw the replies. Again it was not intentional and I very much appreciate the help members have given me in regards to the silverware. The Gentlemen's Military Interest Club is without a doubt the best source I have found for researching military history. The members are what makes it great and you are correct it is what we put in it and not what we get from it. I truly am
  6. Hi Claudius, I agree with you, it would be nice to know if anyone knows more about them and can help identify some of the officers. Were they privately purchased and was this a widely used practice. When I handle them I try to imagine who the officer was and I can just vision all the tasty wurst, potatoes and sauerkraut they were used on let alone all the delicious German bread the knives must have spread butter on. All washed down with a tall mug of great German beer. Yummy! Thanks for your reply, Terry
  7. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I thought I would post some Imperial German Officer's named silverware that I've had for quite a while. There are six (6) forks and (6) knives total with two (2) of the forks not named. All the forks are marked "800". They all have elaborate script regimental markings and are named to various officers with dates ranging from 1890 to 1910. The following are the names of the officers as best I could determine: Lclt. Graf Brockdorff 1890 (not sure if I have the rank correct) Major Frhr. v Lupin 1890 Lclt. Ludwig v. Lutner 1891 (same on the rank) Lclt. Emi
  8. Paul, Since I'm Retiring next Thursday I'll have more time to go over the uniforms, pay grades, applying with TSA, advancement, military service as it applies to TSA and much more with you. It has it advantages and disadvantages just like any job. Has excelent benefits, very good pay (I think it is a little better starting out that customs/border patrol) and its is still evolving as a new government organization. Some very interesting personnel work with TSA. I have enjoyed my employment with TSA and would do it all over again. No regreats. Some personnel have a hard time adjusting to it be
  9. I've been with TSA since 2002. I will be retiring next Thursday as a Transportation Security Manager. TSA shoulder board ranks are. One stripe: Transportation Security Officer (TSO) Two Stripes: Lead Transportation Security Officer (LTSO) Three Stripes: Supervisory Transportation Security Officer (STSO) There are other non-uniformed positions such as mine, also Behavior Detection Officers (BDO), Bomb Appriasal Officers (BAO), Dog teams, training, etc. Hope this helps. Terry
  10. This is a photo of my wife's Grandfather and Grandmother. Can anyone identify his unit from the collar insignia? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, These documents were issued to my wife's father who died in 1963 when she was 15 years old. We got them from her aunt in Germany on a 1983 visit. We have been unable to find out much about his military service only what my wife's relatives told us. The Iron Cross 2nd Class document looks to be signed by General Student, the signature is washed out a little due to our house flooding during Hurricane Katrina (almost 11 feet of water in the house) and yes I lost about 95% of my military collection. Her uncle who was in the Herman Goring Division and was captured at Anzio Beach
  12. Thanks for the information and no I haven't looked in "Wer Ist Wer" but I will. I didn't know about it. Terry
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