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  1. I agree Norm. If JapanX would explain his point, it would help a bit I think. John
  2. I also think that the badges being discussed were made in Japan for the German crewmen. They could have been made either by a jeweler or in a shipyard. The Japanese shipyards could make anything in my opinion--heck, if they could make a gigantic battleship, they could make a badge. I have lived in Korea and Japan and I warned my American friends never to ask for something, even as a joke. Your hosts will get it for you since you put them on the spot. I believe that if the Captain of a German ship, or the naval attache, asked if the badge could be copied, the Japanese would have moved mou
  3. This is where I saw the rank in question. I do not own this example, it belongs to another collector I know. As you can see, it is dated 1937. John
  4. I have been asked to post this here for opinions on this hollowback U-boat. John
  5. Craig asked me to post these images for him. He would like it mentioned that he had to go "low-res" due to file restrictions. The photos are not Craig's, but he can take additional ones after the 1st. John
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