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  1. Good luck with your search, hopefully you'll find a nice piece for a fair price. So far I collected six type&variants, I just have to find a two or three more and then I'll start a separate topic.
  2. Apart from Montenegrin Danilo I think I saw similar "cloth variants" of the Serbian White Eagle and even some Republika Srpska decorations. Someone posted photos of the Karađorđe Star as well, I can't remember where.
  3. In Serbia you either write, for example, "1." or "I", it's not correct to put the dot after Roman numeral. But the rules change over time, we can see those dots even on some royal era decorations' boxes, like BalkanCollector wrote, perhaps that was correct back then.
  4. One more very interesting Obrenović era medal bar with Montenegrin decorations. 1) Miloš IV 2) Takovo with Swords IV 3) Legion of Honor V (France) 4) Franz Joseph V (Austria-Hungary) 5) St. Alexander V (Bulgaria) 6) Golden Bravery Medal 7) Silver Bravery Medal (Montenegro) 8) St. Andrew's Assembly Medal 9) Military Virtues Medal 10) Medal for Zealous Service in War 11) Royal Guards Commemorative Medal 12) Commemorative Medal of the 1876-78 Wars 13) Commemorative Medal of the 1875-78 War (Montenegro) 14) Commemorative Medal of the 1885 War
  5. Congrats on your newest addition to the collection. Generally speaking there are 3 types: Type 1 in the form of medal Type 2 five torches Type 3 six torches
  6. Most interesting, thanks for sharing! I wasn't sure about the uniform because of the collar. It seemed to me like it could be generals' but that would be a strange combination with mundir with two rows of buttons and decorations from the 1880s.
  7. I was in the middle of writing my previous reply when you posted this. I'm not sure about the ribbon, Silver Bravery Medal was just a guess. Amazing medal bar! Many thanks for posting it! Do you know who's on the photo and when it was made? The uniform is a bit of a puzzle to me, it that a general? I'm not sure based on the photo, but it would be very interesting if those are truly two Golden Bravery Medals, I never saw a double recipient before! Any idea about decorations 5, 6 & 7? Perhaps #6 Serbian Silver Bravery Medal and #7 Montenegrin Silver Bravery Medal.
  8. It's hard to say based on these photos, but I think the medal in question is most probably the same one he wore on the 3rd place of his shorter bar. And the first photo of him posted in this topic was definitely made in 1896.
  9. Thank you, next time I go to the Military Museum I'll make photos of the exterior collections.
  10. You're welcome. If the photo was made between 1895 and 1897 when he was back in the military then it should be St. Andrew's Assembly Medal because it was instituted later. He was awarded with the Miloš on 11. April 1899. The medal in question seems to be round rather than octagonal and its diameter is obviously smaller than the Commemorative Medal of the 1876-78 Wars. Perhaps Silver Bravery Medal?
  11. M1946 infantry blouse (major) and overcoat (captain 1st class)
  12. A few examples of the People's Hero Order, so-called 3rd type
  13. Tito's items and ribbon bar including Soviet Order of Victory and Order of Suvorov 1st class
  14. Finally, a photo with the longer medal bar! He was back in the military between 1895 and 1897 and based on his uniform I'd say the photo was made post-1896. Medal bar consists of the following decorations. 1. Possibly White Eagle V covered with the sash 2. Takovo V with Swords 3. Order of Leopold III (Austria) 4. Legion of Honor IV (France) 5. Order for Bravery IV, 2nd grade (Bulgaria) 6. Red Cross Order (type 2) 7. ???? 8. Commemorative Medal of the Serbian-Ottoman Wars 1876-78 Apart form that I believe he's wearing: Takovo I White Eagle II Order of Christ (Portugal) Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus I (Italy) Possibly Order of the Iron Crown I (Austria) And one more partially visible star
  15. Decorations instituted in 1943 Order of the People's Hero Order of National Liberation, scarce type 2 Order of the Partisan Star I, II and III Order of Brotherhood and Unity I, Yugoslav type Order for Bravery, Yugoslav type Medal for Braver, Yugoslav type
  16. Flag of the patrol boat "Streljko", 1943 Breda M37 machine gun, 8mm Partisan sleeve ranks 1943-1946
  17. Order of the Banner of Liberation Order of the Partisan Star
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