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  1. This shouild cover everything that most people would need. I appreciate the assistance. Trabant601 (Eric)
  2. Thank you Gordon, This tells me a great deal more than I found in Gowen in the link I found after searching a bit. I was searching and typing when you posted this I think, that is why my last post seems not to ackknowledge your list. Take good care, Trabant601
  3. Thank you, I am not quite ready to use the year letters yet, however, I am sure it will be useful soon. The size letters are great. I looked at them at gowen. I will employ that knowledge but still need to know what an N means for shirts (perhaps other letters not listed by Gowen also exist). Are sizes for pants, tunics, shirts, etc. all the same regardless of what uniform part? Perhaps it would be helpful for collectors if we measure our artifacts to determine the inseam, for example of NVA pants or other easily measureable items to deterrmine what sizes they acutally are. Has anyone done this? Regards, Trabant601
  4. Greetings Gentelmen, I joined the club today and have truly enjoyed the postings, particularly in this thread. I am sure that I will find others of great interest. The East German uniforms have an unusual size indication. Does anyone have the conversion chart for that.? I have seen a general conversion chart but it didn't include what the letters indicate. I hope someone can help me so that I too may post some photos and comments in this thread. Cheers! Trabant601
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