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  1. Czechoslovak Military Order of the White Lion for Victory (Československý vojenský řád bílého lva Za vítězství) was established by Governement (exile) Regulation of 9th February 1945 in five classes, Star 1st class, Star 2nd class, Cross, Golden medal and Silver medal. All classes are made from silver, higher classes gilt. First pieces were produced by Spink, who made also the design, later restrike by Karnet a Kysely Prague. Fakes of Star 1st class dont exist .
  2. Second class medal produced by Spink has diameter 32 mm, thickness 2 mm, Prague emission diameter 31 mm. No fakes exist .
  3. Czechoslovak Military Medal of Merit(Československá vojenská medaile za zásluhy) established by a Government(exile) Regulation dated 20th April 1943 in two classes, silver and bronze. The medal could be awarded only once, either first or second class. First pieces were produced from silver by Spink, diameter 31,5 mm, thickness 2,8 mm, weight 26g. Later restrikes were made in Czechoslovakia, diameter 31,9 mm, thickness 2 mm, silvered. No fakes exist .
  4. Czechoslovak Medal for gallantry against the enemy (Československá medaile za chrabrost před nepřítelem) was established by a Government(exile) Regulation dated 20th December 1940. First pieces were made in Britain by Spink, later restrikes in Czechoslovakia. Only one medal could be awarded in natura. Further award to the same person was marked by a bronze linden twig on the ribbon. No fakes exist .
  5. Czechoslovak War Cross 1939 (Československý válečný kříž 1939) was established by government (exile) resolution of 20th December 1940. First pieces were produced in Britain by Spink during a war, later restrikes in Czechoslovakia. Cross could be awarded only once in natura, additional awards were marked by bronze linden leafs on the ribbon. No fakes exist .
  6. The same medal but 1945 edition. Note differences on obverse and reverse. No fakes exist .
  7. Commemorative Medal of the Association of the former Czechoslovak militia from Italy, 1938 edition (Pamětní odznak svazu příslušníků bývalé československé domobrany z Itálie, 1938) was established 1938. No fakes exist .
  8. There are no fakes of Revolution Medal and War Cross on the market but unfortunately plenty of fakes of metal devices exist. If you are interested to have originals you have to buy full medals from reputable traders.
  9. Commemorative Medal of Bachmac (Bachmačská pamětní medaile) was established by Government Resolution dated 5th March 1948 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of battle of Bachmac. No fakes exist .
  10. Commemorative Medal of Zborov (Zborovská pamětní medaile) was established by Government Resolution dated 13th May 1947 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of battle of Zborov. No fakes exist .
  11. First Czechoslovak award was the Medal of Jan Žižka of Trocnov (Medaile Jana Žižky z Trocnova) , established by Czechoslovak Legion in Siberia on 21st October 1918. The medal had 3 classes, 1st with two little metal stars on the ribbon, 2nd with one star and 3rd without star. First class was never awarded, 2nd class was awarded 12 times and 3rd class 10 times. Same small quantity remained not awarded. This medal, which was hand made is extremly rare, good fakes exist .
  12. War Cross (Československý válečný kříž) was established by a decree of the Provisional Government dated 17th November 1918. First pieces were produced in Paris, later restrikes in Czechoslovakia. Little variants exist. Ribbons can bear linden leafs and twigs or sliver and bronze stars. Fakes dont exist .
  13. Hi Dave, of course something is better than nothing. This little book contains pictures but no informations. When it was published I bought 50 pieces and was sending them free of charge to my friends abroad to improve the immage of Czechoslovak ODM . Jan
  14. First pieces of Order of Falcon(Řád Sokola) were produced in October 1918 in Tokio. Later restrikes in Czechoslovakia. The order was intended in five clases, but only last class was made with swords for combatants and without swords for non combatants and was additionaly approved by Low No. 243 of 10th April 1920.
  15. Another example of metal bars on the ribbon. Fakes of some rare bars(names of battles) exist .
  16. Hi, unfortunately there is no book on Czechoslovak ODM available. It is a pity, because they are nice and well made. To improve their immage among collectors I will show some of them. Let´s start with one of oldest awards called Czechoslovak Revolutionary Medal (Československá revoluční medaile), which was established by Presidential Decree dated 1st December 1918. Medal is made from bronze, the author of design was famous French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle. First pieces were produced in France, following restrikes in Czechoslovakia by different producers. The width is 41-44 mm, the hight 47 mm. The width of ribbon is 38-41 mm. Several variants exist, dark bronze, light bronze, gilt, holow construction, with(without) designer´s initials etc. Several metal bars can be placed on the ribbon, numbers of regiments, places of service and battles, linden leafs or twigs. Veterans often did not follow rules and gave incorrect symbols on their medals. This medal is quite common, fakes dont exist . Jan
  17. Hi, the original name is Pamětní odznak druhého národního odboje, in English Commemorative Badge of Second National Resistance. This bronze medal was established by the government resolution dated may 14th, 1946. It is quite common, non expensive, no fakes exist . More details here: http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/title/Pametni-odznak-druheho-narodniho-odboje/t/105581 Jan
  18. Hi, in fact, the medal was awarded for 10 years of excelent service. It is quite common, non expensive(price of silver only), no fakes ixisting . Jan
  19. Hi, the original name is Pamětní medaile k 20. výročí Slovenského národního povstání , in English Commemorative Medal for the 20th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising. The medal was established by law No. 112/1964 dated June 17th, 1964. It is struck from bronze, quite common, non expensive, no fakes existing . More details here: http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/title/Pametni-medaile-k-20-vyroci-Slovenskeho-narodniho-povstani/t/88090 Jan
  20. Hi, the original name is Pamětní medaile československého dobrovoleckého sboru v Itálii, in English Commemorative Medal of the Czechoslovak Volunteer Corps in Italy. It was established in April 21st,1948 to commemorate the foundation of corps. Wearing on uniforms was approved by Ministry of Defense. The medal is struck from bronze, diameter 35 mm, thickness 2 mm. It is quite common, non expensive, no fakes existing . More details here: http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/title/Pametni-medaile-ceskoslovenskeho-dobrovoleckeho-sboru-v-Italii/t/106827 Jan
  21. Hi Chris, I am sure this is from the same seller because I have seen in his feedbacks he sold one before mine. He told me his uncle is writing book about Egyptian ODM, let´s hope he will finish it soon . regards Jan
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