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  1. Very nice summary Karsten, thank you. Any chance you might put this in the GCA database? Peter
  2. Paul, I like it too but didn't dare to bid on it, I'm no headgear guy either. The input I got on it was that it looks ok but the insignias might be postwar replaced. Today I regret I didn't tried to get it, it was cheap. Peter
  3. Lorenzo, I'm waiting for that answere, I will let you know. Thank you Peter
  4. Friends, I have the same question as last time, is this realy original? Is the separate eagle and cocard correct?
  5. Thank you Ron. That was my feeling as well so I didn't buy it. The inside looks to new to me and without any markings. Peter
  6. Friends, I am not experienced at all in headgear so I need you help, is this one period or not? There is no marking at all inside. Thank you! Peter
  7. Thank you Paul and Juergen. As this was the pictures I got from the seller and the auction ends today, I am unable to show more pictures. The price is at 300€ but have not yet reached minimum asked price yet. When i got the pics, I saw that I know the seller so I should be able to ask him what the lowest price was once the action has ended. I don't think I will bid on it as I would like a more 100% textbook, but you never know. Regards
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