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    I have since found out that the flag has been black light tested and nothing shows through. Also, the material feels like "cotton or something similar".

    Does this help to form any opinions?

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    Anyone... comments?

    It turns out that there's a 3 day inspection period, which is always a good sign...

    A genuine flag should carry a life time warranty of authenticity to the period. To me, a 3-day inspection is just that. Few people would have the contacts to have such a piece authenticated within three days. Who is the seller? What is his reputation? These are all important factors these days when buying something in a field that you have a lack of knowledge. I personally do not care for the construction of the flag. Further, the fakers have learned how to avoid the black light test a long time ago.


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    Thanks Bob...

    The flag was on eBay, hence the 3 day inspection period which is 3 days more than what your average Seller would give, it wasn't from a Dealer. They had 85 feedbacks, 100% positive.

    I have owned an original SS flag before, (see attached) but it was such a long time ago, I'm doing a lot from memory.

    I have now bought the flag as I manage to purchase it at a price that I can easily get my money back on, even if it does in fact turn out to be a repro or fantasy flag.

    Cheers, Scott

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    I do not have a good feeling on this flag , as with most " original " item's found on ebay . This item looks too new to be over 60 years old , white cloth does not stay white over the years ! One would expect to see the white cloth a yellowish or brownish color . Such bright white is a good indication to it's true age ... new !

    Something this old should look used but this looks like it was just made and did not have to survive a world war and 60 years of kicking around etc.

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    With the first lot of photos I received, I put it down to lighting etc. I was concerned when I received the second lot of pictures, with the more close up shots, as the runes do look very white.

    The Seller did say that it is well worn, despite what the pictures make it look like.

    I will post "proper" pictures of it when I receive it.


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    • 2 weeks later...

    Here's some additional photos. Since having a hands on inspection, I think it's a repro. It doesn't look, feel or smell anything like the original one I previously had. The stitching doesn't seem to be up to the same standard either.

    However... if anyone has other opinions, please let me know.

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