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  1. Hello Dave , Thank you for your nod of approval ! Not my field of collecting but I like the design of it . best regards joetauchretter
  2. Hello, I was given a large lot of German WWII items from the estate of a friend of mine , lots of good items and some that I question . Please let me know what you think of this Arm band . It passes the UV light test and the burn test . It a printed version and not a Bevo type arm band . All comments are welcome as I collect more kriegsmarine items than this field . best regards Joetauchretter
  3. Hello , Thanks guys , you confirmed my suspicions ! If anyone is interested in one let me know . Joe
  4. Hello, I got two of these from a vet many years ago . They are leather tubes with a belt loop and leather closing cap that slides up and down on thin leather strap . There is a small leather strap on the cap that fits over a steel stud on the leather tube . I was told this was a map case , I doubt it is a map case myself . I was also told it could be a fife case for a musician ? The tubes are approx. 16 inches long . Both tubes are un-issued condition . Any ideas what the real purpose for them could be ? They were made in Munich by a company called Wersa in 1941 .
  5. Hello This is another item i got from an old buddy of mine , it was hanging on the wall in his house since the 1950's . The three shipping decals are made from paper and the black ink faded from direct sunlight . My buddy said over the years the leather dried out and when someone would take the helmet off the wall to look at it leather dust and small parts would fall off . At 86 my buddy does not quite remember exactly but he thinks about five years ago he finally took out the dried out leather remains so nobody would feel bad like they broke his helmet when they looked at it .
  6. Hello, does anybody know what rank would wear this kepi ? What does the gold band / tress around the kepi body signify ? The red top means this was made after 1934 correct ? best regards Joetauchretter
  7. Hello As long as the item or items were not US govt. property and was inspected by an officer you could send home just about anything you wanted . I have a friend who was in Iraq and his job was to inspect all postal packages and mail . His job was to look for sand ! Soldiers wanted to send home small containers of sand as a souvenir of their time over there and .......NOPE ! All sand was confiscated . How times have changed WWII you could send home a box full of Lugers and today you cannot send home grains of sand ! Anybody else have items with capture papers or postal lab
  8. Hello, I like to show you my triple decal German M42 helmet with original paint . There are three decals on this helmet , OK they are not Factory original decals but they are original to the second owner of this helmet ! this helmet was captured by an American soldier and he liked it so much he had it mailed back to his family in New York . the top decal is the mailing label for the address in New York . That's right he applied the mailing label directly to the helmet and mailed it back to the states without a box or anything ! The other two labels are very interestin
  9. Hello, Comments ? Good or bad is always welcome ! I am only interested in what could be wrong with this hat such as part or parts that may have been replaced etc. I will not be selling this kepi so information is for my education in this field only. best regards Joetauchretter
  10. Hello, My buddy at 86 is starting to thin out his collection and gave me this SA kepi . to me this looks like a good original to me , but I am a kriegsmarine guy and I am no expert on the SA . What are your opinions ? This hat is very old and in very frail condition . The sweatband leather is just about to the point of falling apart . I had to glue the broken chin strap as it was falling apart . I have my doubts about the chin strap as I have never seen a kepi with this exact strap before . The two chin strap buttons are removable . best regards joetauchretter
  11. hello , I love these kleintauchretter diving suits , I really must have one for my tauchretter collection ! besides the Kriegsmarine these suits were worn by civilian fire rescue five teams etc . I have a draeger sales pamphlet showing this dive suit and prices for spare parts .
  12. Hello, Here is my one and only diver trade patch . This still has the original factory paper bag and identification tag and metal seal attached .
  13. Hello, Sadly ,it is not mine but my buddies that I have known for over 40 years . I doubt they made good reproductions in the early 70,s . I just would like to hear from other collectors . Joe
  14. Hello, This helmet cover is from my buddies collection as I do not really collect SS items . My buddy purchased this cover way back in the early to mid 1970's . This cover was taken from the storeroom in Dachau several days after it was liberated . This cover is unissued and to me unfinished .If you closely at several of the pictures you will see this strips of material sticking up out of the helmet this is how the spring is attached to the helmet cover . A triangular piece of scrap material was passed through the top loop of the spring and pulled upwards then the long rectangular pie
  15. Hello , Here is a rather poor copy of the Propaganda post card showing the exact picture you have in your photo album . If anyone has an original card I would be interested in it ! Best Regards , Joe
  16. Hello , I would love to see more pictures and the back side of them also ! The last picture shown was not taken in a sun room but at the tauchkopf or the top of the dive tank . The light above the tank is a parabolic heat lamp for the water . As best as I know this was the only heat source for the water . Best Regards , Joe
  17. Hello ! Thank You your sharing your pictures with us ! I love tauchretter's and tauchretter pictures ! I have seen the last two pictures before , The 2nd to last picture was taken in a " sun room " a room with UV lamps and high wattage light bulbs for returning u-boat crewmen . I saw this in one of my u-boat books , not certain right now of the title ? The very last picture I have been trying to locate for many years now ! This exact picture was on a PK picture card , I have some others in the same series . I tried to win this on ebay , but someone really wanted to throw away a lo
  18. Hello , I think it is a nice looking plate , but IMHO... I do not think this a German WWII item as the style of the letters and numbers do not look correct . Best Regards , Joe
  19. Hello , Here is the picture from page 130 , If you give me your e-mail address I will send a better scan. Best Regards , Joe
  20. Hello , Please see the new topic " TORPEDOBUCH " AND LOOK AT PICTURE NUMBER 8 .If I translate the page correctly this torpedo had a 6 blade propeller ! It does look like for whatever reason some torpedoes did have the 6 blade version installed . I see these 6 blade props on ebay very often and I still doubt these are all pre 1945 made . Best Regards , Joe
  21. Hello , I just received my copy today . Great book ! This is a thick , heavy well made book packed with great photos and info . A must for any u-boat collector ! Best Regards , joe
  22. Hello , Very interesting book ! According to picture number 8 this torpedo had a 6 bladed prop !!! Best Regards , Joe
  23. Hello Max , I have this picture in several of my u-boat books , but I always thought they were two two bladed props . I wish this was a more clear picture to see all the details . The reason I thought this to be twin 2 blade props is the blade angle of the 12 o'clock : blade " this looks to me like it is not a blade but the image of the vertical fin . I feel that this is a different shape than the others and too vertical as opposed to the other blades shown . I have the bible on German Torpedoes " Die Torpedos der deutschen U-Boote by Rössler and I did find a picture in this book o
  24. Hello , I hope all had a wonderful Holiday ! This is a very nice looking torpedo prop , but it does look different than the one originally posted here ! This prop looks to has have very pointed " teeth " for lack of a better description on the inside hub ? Also the number 89 gets me nervous as in most cases a 2 number means the date of manufacture , in this case it would mean 1989 . You can find this on M.G. belts etc . Germany used the same same metal link MG belt and nearly the same MG42 post war and you find these MG parts for sale on ebay . Germany post war retained the same manu
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