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  1. 112907 is not in the, "Key". You should get in contact with Ross from http://www.ss-numbers.com/ he should be able to help you out. His email address is: ssdolch@yahoo.com Good luck and welcome.
  2. I fully understand just wanting to own a dagger... it's the start of the, "addiction", we all have. All of us must start somewhere, whatever our budget limits us to. The most important thing is to learn and do as much research as possible and not get caught out buying a fake, (which you haven't done). Okay, so this one's not in the best of condition but at least it's real and a genuine part of history. From here, you will either trade up and most likely, add on to. Nothing here to be ashamed of or make excuses for... enjoy what you have.
  3. Yes, they've been getting expensive for a few months now... nice ones have increased by about $250.00 to $400.00... good news for some I guess.
  4. This photo is not the best either... must get the camera out again... 1198/38 SS
  5. He bought a dagger off me once and we became, "internet friends". He will be missed.
  6. Pvon, "I f I was going to quess, I didn't think Sa daggers were as hot as before!" What do you mean? There weren't as many good ones? They weren't selling as well? Less interest in them?
  7. Eagle may have been replaced, it looks like it's aluminium, where it should be nickel silver. Closer, clearer photos would be good but the rest of the dagger seems to be okay...
  8. The whole thing is a reproduction, save your money.
  9. If it was complete and the whole dagger was in the region of E++ condition, it would be worth, "around", USD$16,000.00. I wouldn't want to take a guess as to how much your blade would be worth to someone...
  10. Apparently the British Government has a proposed ban on the import, sale and manufacture of swords. If you feel strongly enough, please sign the petition: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/swords/
  11. 1241 is the SS code, 39 is the year of manufacture. http://www.germandressdaggers.com/Maker%20marks.htm The list is incomplete and doesn't show who the maker is for 1241. However, on the GDC forum, 1241 has been credited to Eickelnberg & Mack without much dispute, (not that it's conclusive though), so there's a chance that it doesn't match. You will find that not many collector's of SS daggers have seen this marking before, so you may want to be a little cautious if you're thinking of purchasing a dagger with this code. My 2 cents worth...
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