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    A good Sunday to all. Would any body have any knowledge about this group? The badge itself is very well made and well marked. I couldn't locate it in Husken. Pre-war? Post-war? Ideas? Thanks for looking. Robert

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    I have no idea on how complete Huesken is,but I would say if it isn?t in there, it is likely post-war.Lourdes is a religous location where Christian pilgrims gather.


    Yes you are probably right. I thought that this being Sunday it would be an appropriate posting. I find it pretty amazing that with all of the destruction and then rebuilding in Nurnberg/Berlin time and inclination was still found to produce badges like this. Thanks for youre imput. Robert

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    Hello Robert,

    It seems Belgium has insignia with the same purpose. Attached you find a Belgian medal of 1932.It wears the same abreviations NLD. I guess it means NOTRE DAME de LOURDES. Translated is this OUR LADY of LOURDES. I think it was worn by groups of pelgrims which visited Lourdes. Maybe as an ID or a souvenir? I remember my mother told me she went to Lourdes in 1948, and she has a pale bleu cross pin as an ID. I don't know if the pin wears the same abreviations. I have to look for it...

    best regards,


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