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  1. Hello, Would like some help to ID a trouser. I bought the trouser in Germany early eighties. The seller told me it was a trouser of gebirgsjäger, now someone told me it's not a german item. Swiss or Swedish, but not German. In this way I would like to have a second opinion. With kind regards and thanks from Flanders, Jef
  2. Hello Odulf, Attached are pics of a man in my village ( Flanders). He wears a similar cross on his greatcoat as well as on his uniform. He was a novice priest. He was not a priest yet when the war started. Immediately when war broke out he went to Britain and went into the Belgian Army as an brancardier ( Strecher bearer). After the war he was ordained as a priest in 1926. kind regards, Jef
  3. Not all my merit. my good friend Belgoman taught me a lot. Jef
  4. Hello Stuka, Found the attached medals on the net with three different ribbons…..unfortunately without the documents. The medal I attached in previous message was given in 2013, so not that long ago. The medals I attached now are older. You must know the Rhine veteran organisation was erected in 1929 and changed many times her name, the name was Bond der Oudgedienden van het Bezettingsleger/ Féderation des Anciens de l' Armee d'Occupation. Later in 1931, an other name occurs: Oude Rijnwacht /Ancienne Garde au Rhin. Sometimes I wonder if it was the same organisation….. In 1935 a name
  5. Hello Stuka, I see the medal is still existing…. with another ribbon. Jef
  6. Hey david, Saw here a medal for sale: https://www.2dehands.be/verzamelen/overige-verzamelstukken/leger-oorlog-marine/medaille-onoffici%C3%ABle-orde-van-leeuw-386991625.html Text says: not official order of the Lion veterans. But as long I don’t see the paperwork, I'm afraid I don’t believe it kind regards, Jef
  7. Thank you Guy. I know a library where I can find those MB's kind regards, Jef
  8. Hello Guy, Do you know which article ( source, date) is dealing with this medal please. I have several articles of Mr Borné put together in a map but was not able to find this medal. This means there are other articles I don't have. Thank you. regards, jef
  9. Rest in peace, dear friend.
  10. Dear Peter, The problem is, the writer is not a Vet but was a child of 12 years old during WWI. In his late eighties he wrote some memories of his childhood during WWI. With kind regards, Jef
  11. Thank you Peter, The fact it was written in memoirs ( ca. 1980) makes it sometimes hard to believe. Wish I found a diary with more detailed information. At a moment I even was thinking about Americans, because the 91st and 37th US divisions were in the area. But I was told they wore their overseas cap and not the campaing hat. kind regards, Jef
  12. Thank you Peter once more. A few years ago I published a study for the Belgian branch WFA about the Second and Fifth Armies during 8-11 november 1918. I'm afraid there were no Canadian troops. But at the right side of the Fifth army was the zone of the First Army. Some parts were Canadian sectors. I will check these sectors. Now I know Canadian mounted troops wore stettons I will check Edmonds' official history , Becke's Order of Battle and James Battles and engagements. With kind regards, Jef
  13. Thank you Peter for this. Wondering which Canadian mounted units were here in South West Flanders, Belgium, december 1918? The area was liberated end October 1918 by the Second Army. The only "geographical Canadians" who fought here was the 1st /Newfoundland Rgt. That time British dominion. with kind regards from Flanders, Jef
  14. Dear Peter, Thank you for your answer. I'm afraid I don't have a photograph. The only thing I read in memoirs ( written in 1980) is that the soldiers wore cowboy hats and were Canadiens???? That's why I was thinking of frontiersmen... kind regards, Jef
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