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    Police Long Service Medal.

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    The LS and GC (HM Forces) is awarded for 15 years service after the age of 18 having finished training, or if older, after 15 years service, also after training.

    Of course, it is awarded only if you are not caught being naughty or a culmination of 15 years if there is a break in VG conduct.


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    • 5 months later...

    The Police LS&GC is for twenty-two years' service. The Fire Brigade LSM is for twenty. The Army LS&GC was reduced from eighteen to fifteen years' service in 1975, and the RN & RAF LS&GCs to the same from the same two years later.

    Adult service is reckonable towards the medals from the age of 17?, though this is rather a grey area, as adult service (proper) does not commence until the age of 18, with any service time accrued before this date (16-18) not actually counting towards the enlistment period. Ergo, a soldier enlisting at 16 does two years service before his actual term of enlistment (minimum four years for those enlisting under 18) commences - thus serving a total of six years: the six-year 'trap'.

    I understand that the Royal Navy & RAF have abolished this practice.

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