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    Hi Chas.....no, the sunwheel swastika was just a pattern that was adopted by the SA for wear. It was first introduced in 1923 and was worn exclusively until the mobile or tilted swastika buckle was introduced a year later. At that point both types were worn at the same time.

    The sunwheel, horizontal or mobile swastika do not differentiate between ranks...these were just different styles that were created by the buckle firms to try and sell buckles. It appears that Berg&Nolte as well as Assmann were the two major players when it came to introducing the different swastika patterns.

    Hope this helps.



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    There are also variations to the eagles head in regards to above or below the inner rope border. Does it still hold true that the above the border variety is only found with the runic and the mobil 45 degree swas.?

    I for one would appreciate seeing the many different variations of SA buckles posted. I have a mobil example with the head below, but the silver has been pretty much polished away.

    What is considered the rarest style?


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    Hi! Angolia believes that the order for the buckle swastikas was first sunwheel, then horizontal and finally the rotated swastikas. The sunwheel swastika was first illustrated in RZM publications as late as June '34. That said - many of these buckles pre-date RZM so it's safe to say that these were around long before 1934.

    In the Nash book, he also has the sunwheel swastika as making the first SA buckle appearance. He dates the buckle from 1923 - quoting number 6267 from the Steinhauer and Luck catalogue.

    Hope that helps.


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    Hello there,

    You can tell that's an early one from the reverse as well with those two circular indentations such as you see on WW1 buckles. Can anyone let me know why we see these markings as it almost looks as if they're drilled into the buckle itself.

    William Kramer

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