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    Guest Wayne sinnott

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    Guest Wayne sinnott

    C.E. Junckers Berlin S.W. - Marked 800 on both pieces

    Edited by Wayne sinnott
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    Again, Wayne.. Impossible to give an honest opinion on this piece, just on the pictures supplied. I?ve done my best to blow them up, change the colour, sharpen them, etc. Still, all I see is either a much worn original, or a very soft-looking cast copy. The rivets are certainly not typical for 'Juncker' (Going on the overall wear, could be replacements?)

    These ?800, Juncker? badges do exist. Some think them to be fantasy, some do not. I personally have no problems accepting that ?Juncker? produced solid silver badges and have seen both Pilot and Radio Operator/Air Gunner badges stamped with both maker name and 800 silver content marks.

    Being marked by C.E Juncker, we must assume that these badges were made at the factory, as opposed to being a jeweller made pieces, as they retain all the characteristics and correct maker mark of the standard series, the only additions being the ?800? mark and the pin locking device (something we must bear in mind as being favourable, when looking at yours). But we need to see BIG, clear pictures?. I have to say that, even then,

    it could come down to measurements and weights, as so often happens when dealing with originals Vs fakes, especially with exotic pieces such as these.

    I know the process takes time, there?s never a quick answer, but you never know?you could have a very rare piece.

    So, it?s over to you?.

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