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    Spanish crosses Manufacturers


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    I have identified few manufacturers of the Spanish crosses. Some of them manufactured the crosses as soon as 1939, some others later (at least after LDO institution). Here is a non exhaustive list:

    - C.E. Juncker Berlin

    - P. Meybauer Berlin

    - Godet & Sohn Berlin (I've not yet identified this maker on other Spanish crosses than Diamonds ones)

    - W. Deumer L?denscheid

    - Steinhauer & L?ck L?denscheid

    - Foerster & Barth Pforzheim

    - Otto Schickle Pforzheim

    - CF. Zimmermann Pforzheim

    - B.H. Mayer Pforzheim

    Some miscelaneous:

    - Berg & Nolte L?denscheid

    - Peltz & Lorenz

    - F.R Sedlatzeck Berlin


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    But Jacques you are supposed to be looking for a gold one for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Why are you never on MSN any more either? All my buddies have stopped using it! sad.gif

    I'll find you one when I own 10 (not so long...) catjava.gif

    I know that you want one gold in red box and that's too scarce ! biggrin.gif

    I got a computer crash and I've to set up again MSN. Sorry !

    Edited by jacques
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    An 835. So are these considered to be S&L Jacques? They don't look like the number 4 marked S&Ls to me?????

    Hi SAL,

    You know what I think of these cross... I never found one so fine since that F*****g day in Stuttgart ! But here s a pic for you biggrin.gif wub.gif I found that in an old cigars box in a little flee market here in Germany :coola:

    This cross was presented as a Steinhauer one by Geissler in an old german article. Up now, I had no other information . It could be a Deumer one too. At least , I do think it's one of these two manufacturers.

    I will post mine later


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    Jacques! You devil!!!!

    Are those all your SCs in a pile? If so you have way too many!!!!! You will have to send some to your poor ol pal Sal! Can you post a pic of a marked Deumer SC? The marked S&L doesn't seem to match the 835 at all to me. I would like to compare it to a Deumer. Thanks!

    best, Sal

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    OH! and show us the beautiful gold cross you got recently!!!!

    Promised ! I'll do that this afternoon because I've no time now, it's 0700AM and I must go to the barracks. I don't work on friday afternoon (yeah that's great at 0200PM...) and I can do it.

    Concerning the Deumer and Steinhauer crosses, some details of the eagles and the swords grips are quite similar, this is the reason why it is difficult to determine an unmarked cross a Deumer or Steinhauer one. Moreover I don't know how a Godet cross looks like. Still many to learn before I write a book ! blush.gif

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