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  1. I was wondering what the favored types of PLMs are. For me the mid 1800 type Godets with all the hand chasing are the most beautiful. Do the prices vary much or is a genuine PLM just a genuine PLM? What are/is your favorite/favorites? Best, Sal
  2. Yes I agree, Thanks for the close ups!
  3. Oh I must be confusing it with another thread! I was sure you mentioned nice meybauer with coat of arms!
  4. I don't see the coat of arms???? I am confused!!!
  5. I was most concerned with the "4" and "l/13". I would also like to see close ups of the 9oo as well. Jacques where is the bronze with meybauer coat of arms???? Best, Sal
  6. I think you should post close ups of mm of all the crosses and catch/hinge details etc on all the crosses. I see some irregularities. Are there any marks in the rings? best, Sal
  7. Scott they came in both cloth and metal versions and there are photos of the Legionairres wearing both types. There is also known to be at least one German made type metal one as well. The Winkler one looks very crude to me, but I hope tp learn more as perhaps Antonio and Panzerpioneer may shed some light on these for us. Best, Sal
  8. Looked on the site and saw better pics. It is a good one.
  9. Looks good to me but I would want better pics to be sure.
  10. and what does this say? This fake foto was made by heinz in Braiunschweig in 1919?
  11. I agree Jacques, but better if reverse pics are always posted, one never knows
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