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    Dear Gentlemen,

    Here I can present you a photograph of a mayor of one of Baden's bigger cities which can be recognized by his chain with the big medal - all smaller cities and villages had smaller medals on a simple chain.

    The photo was taken in Heidelberg in 1910 - so I think it is most likely the 1910 mayor of Heidelberg.

    The seller thoght he's wearing a "Brabant", but as the photo is from 1910, this is not possible. Two of the neck decorations are not recognizable, but the rest is very nice and clear:

    - Baden, Berthold order,

    - Baden, Z?hringer L?wen order,

    - Saxony, Albrecht order,

    - the Baden mayor chain

    and at least one neck badge more.

    From 1885 - 1913, Dr. Carl Wilckens was the mayor, so could please someone check this person (maybe in the DOA) for the awards and maybe also tell me the two awards that are in my opinion not recognitzable?!

    Thanks in advance ... :blush:

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    A close up of his really very pretty awards: :P


    Is the long service bar from Baden or Prussia?


    I'm not sure, but may the second strange neck badge be a simese order of the white elephant?!

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    Guest Rick Research

    That MIGHT be Wilckens. From the Orders Almanac 1908/09 his medal bar matches (Prussian LD2) BUT he is shown with a Siamese White Elephant Officer class not here,

    nor is he shown (then) with the Saxon Albert-Commander.

    I think the 4th Commander grade award behind his mayor's medal is a Montenegrin Danilo Order.

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    Mille grazie Rick, than probably it IS him:

    The Siam upgradet to Commander, also got awarded the Saxon Commander. He does have the Z?hringer and Berthold yet in 1908, doesn't he?

    Montenegro might be right, although I have no idea how he may have gotten it, whereas Siam is clear: Rama V. has often been to Heidelberg, even one of his children has been born there while he was on visit!

    So why not to give the mayor a big elephant onto his neck?! ;)

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