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Romania... In World War 2, Romania was the 3rd largest Axis Power and the 4th largest Allied Power. A major player and contributor in World War 2 and a country who has participated in every major Balkin conflict since the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. Yet, somehow, very little is known and written about the Royal Romanian Military. Most WW2 books concentrate on everything except the Eastern theater in which Romanian was a major player. With the country overrun and in control by the Soviets during WW2 and directly afterwards thrown into a puppet state dictatorship, any possesion of Royal uniforms was considered sypathetic to the old regime. These people were either excecuted, imprissoned, or black listed. Thus, their WW2 uniforms were worn as civilian clothing directly after the wars end, destroyed or donated to the Military Museum in Bucharest. Very few pieces survived today. Those who held onto their uniforms hid them well while running a great risk for their own safety and survival. Today, it is still difficult to find a WW2 Romanian uniform. Many WW2 Vets who posses such uniforms are still fearful of showing these things. A paranoia from the communist days. Since the fall of communism, I made an effort to seek out and collect these scarce uniforms. I would like to show off my collection.

General George Avramescu

Commander of the 4th Romanian Army

Prior Commander of the Mountain Corps that fought in Russia.

Holder of the Order of Michael the Brave

2 wound stripes on his sleeve. WW1 and WW2 Russia.

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Summer white Air Force tunic.

Rank : Captain

Red Collar tabs : Bombadier

Badges : Pilot, Observer, Iron Cross

Veterin of the 5th Bomber Group which sustained heavy casualties over Stalingrad and was credited for saving what was left of the German and Romanian Army trapped and surrounded by the Soviets and allowing them to break free and retreat from Stalingrad.

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That 2nd Lts. uniform is a treat! You should do a book-or at least an article. Have you seen the Rumanian forum?

Yes. I am a regular on that site. My goal is to publish a book about Royal Romanian militaria. Finding the time is another story. :(

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