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    For Napoleonic Wars award

    Igor Ostapenko

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    I collect Russian Soldiers awards to foreigners .

    I have two Items from Napoleonic Wars -

    st. George crosses ( Orders of st. George 5th class )


    1) Preussian Unter-Officier Karl von Morstein from 1st Artillerische Brigade


    2) British Sodier J. McKenzie

    In russian archive - only russian discription of names and without Regiment .

    I think - McKenzie receive cross for Waterloo Battle .

    I know -

    A Dispatch from

    Field-Marshal The Duke of Wellington,

    dated Headquarters,

    Paris 21st August1815,

    contains the following list of General Officers upon whom

    His Majesty The Emperor Russia

    had conferred different Decorations of different classes of

    the Orders of St. George,

    St. Anne, and St. Vladimir,

    "in testimony of His Majesty's approbation of their services and conduct, particularly in the late battles fought in The Netherlands".

    May be you have some Information about these awards ?

    Thank you !!!

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    Hello Igor,

    First, MacKenzie/McKenzie/M'Kenzie would all be common spellings of this name in 1815, which complicates the matter somewhat.

    There are no brigade or regimental commanders listed in the British / Dutch forces at Waterloo. See Wikipedia for the order of battle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Batt...ampaign#I_Corps

    There was a Major General John Mackenzie commanding the British and Sicilian forces on the island of Sicily in November of 1812, so he may have been in Belgium in 1815 but there is no mention of him (except the Sicily reference) in the very good "Wellington's Armies" by the National Army Museum.

    Is "McKenzie" actually named in Wellington's despatch of August and if so is it possible that he was not at Waterloo but joined the Army of occupation or that he was serving in some diplomatic role? (Anyone with access to Nosey's despatches?) Curious!

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