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    "Ordinary Doctor" Badge?

    Chuck In Oregon

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    I just received this little group this past week.

    The graduation badge isn't a particularly unusual example, but except that the double eagle is slightly bent to one side, it is in absolutely perfect condition, not a mar on metal or enamel.

    I would have guessed that the "ЗВ" signified a dentist, or "зубной врач". Shows how little I know -- yet again. According to my buddy in Tbilisi the "ЗВ" actually stood for "зауряд врач", or "Ordinary Doctor". Again according to him, during WW I many doctors went directly into the army upon graduation from medical school, without further training or internship. The title "ЗВ" applied to them to distinguish them from doctors who had completed their post-medical school training.

    No, I'm not positive that this is correct, but I pass it along for what it's worth and unless I learn otherwise, I'll believe it. I will appreciate your better identification.


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