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    K.u.K. Major Alexander Cunderlik

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    I was wondering whether any of you could provide me with any information on this officer. He was apparently the highst ranking Slovak officer in the AH army during WWI. He was a graduate of Budapest Kadetky. He served as a captain on the Italian Front and after the creation of Czechoslovakia became commander of 9th Artillery Regiment in 1923. In 1939 after the formation of Slovakia he became commander of the 2nd Division in September. See: http://www.cess.org/publications/harmoniep...niepaper-11.pdf

    I am looking for any information but in particular his date of birth.

    Kind Regards

    Steen Ammentorp

    The Generals of World War II

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    Something strange here Steen,

    no officer of that name listed in the k.u.k. Army, k.k. Landwehr or k.u. Honv?d! The only near match is a Leutnant i.d.R. Karl Čunderle in Infanterieregiment Erzherzog Carl Stephan Nr. 8.



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