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    USN Training Aids


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    Hi all,

    Here are some U.S. Navy training aids. First off is a little piece for training in Morse Code for the blinkers.


    You hold it between your thumb at the bottom and your other fingers at the top. When you squeeze it slightly the bars in the circle go white to simulate a blinking morse lamp.

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    Next is a device for learning Wig Wag communication with flags.

    First Sending:


    You turn the outer letter nibs till the letter or number you wish to send is pictured in the small circular window to the left of the word SENDING. In this case... the letter Q.

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    And Receiving:


    In this case the letter is shown in the window to the right of the word RECEIVING. A clever little gadget which amazingly uses no batteries, computers, chips, electricity or other high tech. :beer:

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    And a deck of cards for training in Morse Code, Navy flag code and the phonetic pronunciation of letters used in military radio communications when spelling words in order to avoid confusion.

    Front of the box:


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    And the side with the ID information:


    In this case, from top to bottom:

    The Betty Bomber taken in August 1944.

    The Dinah taken in August 1944.

    The Zeke also taken in August 1944.

    They also show various Imperial Japanese Navy ships as well.

    If anyone else has any similar U.S. Navy or military educational aids I'd love to see them.

    Dan :cheers:

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