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    Forestry Tab collection

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    This is my first post in this section!!

    I want to take a few moments to share my Forestry Tab Collection with you. My primary focus is Luftwaffe. Since Hermann Goering was in charge of the Forestry and Hunting organizations, I dont feel that I am venturing out of my focus.

    Anyway, as you all might know, there were four main branches of the forestry service. This was made evident by the various insignia on the uniforms. One of the ways of identifying the branch is by the waffenfarbe on the collar tabs.

    Grey- Heer Forestry Service

    Black- Luftwaffe Forestry Service

    Dark Green- Reichs Forestry Service

    Brown- Private Forestry Service

    I do not have a representative from the Luftwaffe forestry service(black) yet.

    Also, you will notice a couple of odd tabs that resemble SA. They are they earlier insignia for the Forestry Service. I have no idea what the ranks are. If someone can help, I would be deeply indebted.

    IPB Image

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    Thanks for the compliment Pat. I still have much to learn on this little known organization. I have seen photos of these men with newly awarded EK2s. Who would have thought that the Forest Sevice would have been placed in a Combat Role. I would love to hear some of their stories.


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