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    DEUMER's Spanish crosses


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    DEUMER of L?denscheid made spanish crosses all along the war. these crosses are of high quality, very finelly detailed, especially the grips of the swords. As the same of its comrades, this firm used several MM. I have encountered the following ones: "900", L/11, L/11 in a square. Some crosses ae unmarked but the details are those of this firm.

    the crosses were manufactured in bronze, tombac, massive silver (never had one in hand).

    Eagles: they are sharp detailed. the swas show 3 cut out branches

    Swords: the grips have 7 twists. they are thin and very well detailled, particularly on the side (cut out).

    Pin: generally the pins are flat and large at the top. but a variant exists with a more thin straight pin.

    Hook: the hook for the "L/11" is half-round, and always directly soldered to the cross. on the variant (thin pin), the hook is flat.

    Hinge: A model presents the same hinge as the EK's. the variant present the same but soldered by the base.

    Here are presented 3 crosses:


    L/11 in a square

    L/11 variant which can be encountered unmarked


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    Hi Jaques

    I have seen LDO list which list Grossman & Co, Wien ad LDO 11, how come the L/11 for these Spanish Crosses is Deumer?

    Cheers, Colin


    11 is Brossmann & Co, but L/11 is Deumer.it is two separated codes. Deumer had also 3 as code number.


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