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    Damn I just missed such a nice Merit Cross with named packet worn with the ribbon of the MKFVO to boot :banger: . A rare little thing with less than 600 awarded. ( Saschaw I saw that you were also intrested)

    Bad. Ver.-Kreuz vom Z?hr. L?we am

    Bande des Milit. Karl Friedrich Verd. Ordens.



    des Landsturms

    Michael Ott

    beim 3. Ldst.-Inf.-Ers.-Batl.. Bruchsal XIV. 26

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    Thanks for posting the photos/info. I had my eye on this little puppy as well!

    Oh, one more forum speculator. I see forum members competing against me some times (I lose most of the times :unsure: ). What did you think of the price? I had expected more.

    Damn :banger: Damn :banger: i should've bid more

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