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    Reichswehr photos with nice medal-bars

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    Got these two Reichswehr photos yesterday. Thought I show them here, cause there are some nice medal bars to see and the photos are of excellent quality.

    These are the two photos, note that some people appear on both photos but on other places.

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    From the second photo, I made some detailled scans...

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    Hallo Robert :beer:

    the first guy pictured in close up, on post 2, has.

    Bavarian MVO II class with swords, in silver.

    Prussian Iron Cross, II Class 1914 version,

    German Honour Legion, Unofficial Veterans medal, Comm' for WW1.

    MarineKorps Unofficial Veterans medal, Comm' for WW1.

    The Kyffrsbund Unofficial Veterans medal, Comm' for WW1.

    Bavarian State, Military Service Medal for 9 years service.

    Working on the other one to identify.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    Great Weimar photos!

    the 2nd guy has:




    Luitpold "wedding medal"

    Ehrenlegion members' medal

    probably a LS medal

    Austrian veterans assn. medal.

    Very nice Robert-Bavarians all. i wonder if they are the men who put down Adolf's putsch in 23?

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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: This is the FIRST photo I have ever seen with serving members of the ReichsHEER wearing 1920s self-purchased "vanity" veterans awards. The ReichsMARINE seems to have had no ban on them, but I have always thought that the army did, because I have NEVER before seen these privately purchased awards worn in army uniform this way! :beer:

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