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    Jaegermeister? :mad: That stuff is supposed to be an after dinner digestive aid. You are not supposed to drink massive quantities of it. :unsure: Seen it done, but it ain't pretty.


    Nice enamel variation. It looks like an early one with gold medallions. I thought you were pulling a "Sal" on us at first but the color shift did not apply to the ribbon, etc.


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    Nice one for sure, could this colourpatern simply be a enamelmistake?

    With this i do mean a wrong mix of colouring or to high heath during the enamelingproces resulting into a different endcolour.

    In older times when the mix of colours (mostly oxides used etc ... in those times ) was rather delicate + the proces of enemaling is a rather delicate one, we do know the examples of the Russian Saint-Anne with black enamel => that is also the result of the enameling proces where something happened that wasn't supposed to happen (certainly in the very old ones).

    I believe we do have the exact same in this very Bavarian MVO.

    Cordial greetings,

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