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    French Foreign Legion

    Simon F

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    I have recently been offered an interesting uniform set up to a Foreign Legion Para who served in Algeria. I have to be honest that French uniforms are not my bag, but this seems to be a nice, interesting uniform that would fit nicely with my current collecting interests. Does anybody have any knowledge about these pieces and what I should be looking for; questions to ask, etc? A friend has advised me that the numbered Para badge places it about 1962 which fits the era. He has also advised me to ask about the uniform markings as if they are Israeli then it would effect the price and I am currently awaiting an answer for that.

    Here are some pics.

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    I cannot comment on the jacket and trousers since they are not my area but the beret is correct for Algerian period, it has the same markings as one that I have from the 4th combat company of the 2 REP in the early 60's.

    The wings were issued in 1962 which is the year after the 1 REP were dishonourably disbanded for their part in a coup against the French government. The unit badge for the 1 REP was used between 1955 and 1961. They were made by both Drago and Courtois in a number of different strikings.

    In short, while all the pieces are correct I would suggest it was put together since the wings from 1962 and the 1 REP unit badge cannot belong together. A member of 1 REP would have got his para qualification before that date.

    I hope that helps.


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    Thanks for the reply Paul, you actually pipped me to the post with the info on 1e REP as I have just found that same info.

    I agree with the assesment that while all are period items they have been put together. I think I may give this one a miss.

    Thanks again for the info

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    New on the forum, I've discovered your topic related to a 1 REP paratrooper. I can confirm without a doubt that this grouping is a "put together".

    However, it could more accurate to change the unit of your legionnaire from 1REP to 2 REP. I 've checked my pics and yearbooks of these units and I never seen TAP 47/56 uniforms worn by members of 1REP. In the other hand, TAP 47/56 sets were very common in 2 REP at the end of the Algeria war. It seems that these uniforms 've been issued in the late 60, early 61. 2REP belonged to the 25 DP (airborne division) during this period.

    Does your beret have a white or a blue label?



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